Dr Oz: Practicing Gratitude & Raising Happiness Review


Dr Oz’s Prescription for Happiness

Of all of the prescriptions a doctor could write, I cannot imagine a better one than Dr. Oz’s prescription for happiness. On his show today he has everything you need to feel better and get happy in your life. Some of them are so simple you could do them immediately and start feeling happier right now!

Dr Oz: Christine Carter Raising Happiness Review

Christine Carter, a sociologist and author of the book Raising Happiness, explains that happiness can be defined as a life that is filled with a lot of different positive emotions, like feeling content in the present, but she also mentions that happiness also involves the past and future with emotions like gratitude and hope. One of the most important ways to feel happiness is with other people, says Christine Carter, like by showing love and compassion toward others.

Dr Oz: Christine Carter Happiness Blockers

There are many things we can actually be doing to prevent or sabotage our own happiness and Christine Carter says that some of those things include:

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