Dr Oz: How To Prevent Kidney Stones & Does Soda Cause Kidney Stones?


Dr Oz: Foods That Prevent Kidney Stones

Some people say that passing kidney stones is more painful than childbirth and about 1-in-10 of you will get those little balls of pain at least once in your life, but Dr. Oz says there is good news because they are totally preventable. He asked for an Assistant of the Day to help him explain how you can prevent kidney stones and the havoc they wreak in your body.

Dr Oz: Does Soda Cause Kidney Stones?

Dr Oz: How To Prevent Kidney Stones & Does Soda Cause Kidney Stones?

Dr Oz says drinking dark colored soda increases your risk for kidney stones due to the phosphoric acid they contain.


  1. says

    I hate kidney stones! I have had 2. And I had weather give birth. Its a psin like nothing u have ever felt before! I don’t drink sodas. I do eat nuts (or did) I am welling to try any thing to prevent these hurtful things. I’m going to continue my liquid intake and yry more melons at myeal. Thank you for advice.

  2. Richard says

    l found that drinking water with lemon in it several times a day prevents kidney stones. I make a pitcher of lemon juice everyday with bottled water or fresh lemons. I drink the whole pitcher daily and it Will prevent kidney stones.

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