Dr Oz: Probiotic Supplement Recommendation & Kefir Probiotic Review


Dr Oz: Probiotic Food Sources

If you want to kill the bad bacteria in your gut, get rid of the uncomfortable bloat and ease your indigestion, Dr. Oz has the power probiotic solution you need to start taking today! He says while most people only think of yogurt when they think of adding probiotics to their diet, there are actually many other ways to get them into your body.

Dr Oz: Kefir Probiotic Review

Dr. Oz says the first way to get a powerful probiotic into your diet is through raw, fermented cow’s milk, which is called Kefir. He shared how this was a regular food staple in his home growing up in Turkey, which is why he still loves it to this day!



  1. Lucy Toso says

    Very interesting show today. I just started using probiotics and feel so much better. Got rid of the bloating. Interested in the probiotic mentioned on show. Thank you. Lucy toso

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