Dr. Oz: PTA Mom Becomes a Heroin Addict & Preventing Pill Addiction


Dr. Oz: PTA Mom Becomes a Heroin Addict

Dr. Oz talked to two women who you’d never suspect would have become heroin addicts. Cynthia was a mother, grandmother, and a member of the PTA. At 42, after seven C-sections, Cynthia developed scar tissue that caused her pain in her hip. It got so bad that she went to the doctor to get pain pills. She was able to get a prescription for Oxycontin, Oxycodone, Soma, Flexeril, and Valium. Cynthia really liked these. She started to be unable to function without them. She was up to 6 80-milligram Oxycontin a day within six months. Cynthia’s doctor left town, so Cynthia went to a different doctor. The new doctor started cutting her prescriptions down because that amount was dangerous. But Cynthia’s addiction was in full bloom by then.

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