Dr. Oz: Random Acts of Kindness & Daniel Lubetzky Do the KIND Thing


Dr. Oz: Daniel Lubetsky Do the KIND Thing

Dr. Oz talked to Daniel Lubetzky, author of Do the KIND Thing and founder and CEO of KIND. Daniel Lubetzky is the son of a Holocaust survivor. From an early age, he heard stories of what his father went through in the concentration camp. Not just the horrible parts, but how he survived through the selflessness of other people who took risks to help him. This inspired him to want to build bridges and help make connections with people.


  1. says

    My kids and I created a magnet to put on the back of peoples cars to remind everyone, while they are out and about, to be kind to one another and ask themselves, “What was my Act of kindness for Today?” I post stories of people’s Acts of Kindness on the Facebook page (AOK for Today) to inspire others and show them what people are doing to help others. Pittsburgh paper ran an article about it, please see following: http://www.post-gazette.com/local/south/2015/02/27/With-Mt-Lebanon-mom-s-help-magnet-s-message-promotes-kindness/stories/201502270061 . Magnets are currently sold through my Facebook page and through churches or schools where they receive the profits to use in their programs, a win win for all involved. Please spread the word of our mission and share our AOK campaign! Thank you! Trish Dellana

  2. Anita Hammer says

    I was going to the post office to drop letters in the drop box. It was a hot, sunny day in Georgia, 90 degrees (no surprise). As I was driving to the drop box, an elderly, black man was leaving the post office. I stopped to let him cross to his car. (No big deal, just courtesy.) When I stopped to wave him across, he smiled at me like I gave him 100 dollars. When he got to his car, he mouthed “thank you” and threw me two kisses. To me, it was just courtesy, it obviously meant more to him. I smiled and laughed all day. It was 60 seconds to me in my air conditioned car. To him, it was an act of kindness.

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