Dr. Oz Rebecca Alexander Not Fade Away & Slowly Losing Sight + Hearing


Dr. Oz: Losing Sight and Hearing

Dr. Oz talked on his show about Rebecca Alexander, a woman who is slowly losing her hearing and sight due to a rare medical condition. Her story has been profiled by her own brother, NBC news correspondent Peter Alexander, multiple times. Rebecca was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Usher Syndrome Type 3 when she was only 13.



  1. Michael says

    As a former marine and still serving my country I was moved by your story of Rebecca today. I lost my ex last year of cancer and raising our two youngest child. My fraternity brother just lost his son to suicide a week ago and last night I was informed a buddy of mine who we served together was found dead in his apartment. Just listening to your story I was compelled to at least reach out and said “keep fighting the good fight and be happy your a beautiful person”

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