Dr Oz: Retox & Managing Stress + Dairy-Free Vegan Cream Sauce


Dr Oz: What Is A Retox?

By now, just about everyone has heard the word detox and it’s connection to your health. But what about retox? Lauren Imparato is the author of “Retox” and explained that the idea is to add things into your life to be healthy, such as yoga, mindfulness, and the right attitude. The essence of a retox is not depriving yourself.

Lauren wants everyone to enjoy food and like eating, which is why she follows a diet of 2/3 nutrient-rich foods, while the other 1/3 is food that may not be as good for her but is delicious and enjoyable. Lauren doesn’t want you to think about an indulgence as cheating, but instead as living. For example, in one day she’ll eat salmon with quinoa and broccoli, a spinach salad with avocado and chicken with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Then for another meal she could have chips and salsa with a chicken and bean burrito. The Mexican meal feels like an indulgence but is actually pretty good for you.

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