Dr Oz: Symptoms Of Sepsis & Shiny and Bulging Wound May Mean Sepsis


Dr Oz: Does Sepsis Lead To Death?

Dr. Oz sat down with parents Orlaith and Ciaran Stuanton to talk about the death of their son Rory after a minor scrape on his leg turned to sepsis. They talked about his symptoms and the misdiagnosis of the flu that got him sent home from the hospital where he became gravely ill. Find out what important blood test results were kept from the Stauntons that might have saved their son’s life.

Dr Oz: Symptoms Of Sepsis

Dr. Oz said he was passionate about doing this show because he does not want any other family to go through what the Staunton family had to go through. He explained sepsis is often misdiagnosed, so he shared the important signs to look out for:

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