Dr. Oz: What is Therapeutic Hypothermia? A Second Chance at Life


Dr. Oz: Going into Cardiac Arrest During a Triathlon

Dr. Oz talked about a man named Chris who made headlines when his heart stopped for 13 minutes in the middle of New York City’s Hudson River and survived it.

Dr. Oz: What is Therapeutic Hypothermia? A Second Chance at Life

Dr. Oz talked to the first person known to survive a cardiac arrest in the water, due to a procedure called Therapeutic Hypothermia. (jariceiii / Flickr)


  1. Sally Anderson Moore says

    Dr Oz~ EKG, Ultra Sound, Stress test, Nuclear all were normal. Out of pocket, I paid for a heart saver CAT scan. I was 98% occluded! I had no symptoms. I’m wondering just how much exercise I should do after reading about Chris. Amazing and I’m very glad he survived!! I’m 76years old and not planning on doing a Triathlon! I’m feeling good, and I’m active. I know I’ll die one day but I don’t want to go through anything like Chris. I’ve already had a 2nd chance at life. If I had not paid for that heart saver CAT scan, don’t think I’d be sending you this message.
    Appreciate all that you do! Sally

  2. JAFO says

    Cardiac Arrest is no joke. Only a 5-10% survival rate. And most people survive because they were in the hospital when it happened. However, that’s truly meaningless because when It’s your time, It’s your time. Pray to Jesus. Hence, that’s all you can do.

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