Dr Oz: TMJ Signs and How to Treat TMJ with Jaw Exercises


Dr Oz: What is TMJ?

Dr. Oz often talks about how eating affects your health, but today he is talking about chewing. He asked for an Assistant of the Day to help him explain how the way you chew can actually have an impact on your health.

Dr Oz: Man Pulls Car with His Jaw On Dr Oz’s Stage

Do you ever wake up with unexplained jaw pain? Dr. Oz says the jaw has the power to exert a lot of energy, which is important when it comes to chewing certain foods, but would you believe your jaw also has the strength to pull a car? No, really, it is true and Dr. Oz proved it by inviting Igor Zaripov “The Mouth of Steel” to demonstrate when he used nothing but his jaw to pull a 1,600 car across Dr. Oz’s stage. He is, however, a professional, so do not try this at home.

Dr Oz: TMJ Signs and Symptoms

Dr Oz: TMJ Signs and How to Treat TMJ with Jaw Exercises

Dr Oz says improper use of your jaw can lead to TMJ, which is a painful joint and muscle disorder.



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    Dr Oz has NO idea what he is talking about! First, it’s TMD. This is Temporormandibular Disorder. The TMJ is your joint. Do your research Dr. Oz. Also, TMD won’t go away by itself. If you really want to explore this subject, look at LVI global and see the cutting edge of treating this disorder! We have had several patients that were on a TON of medications and now that we have them stabilized with TMD and muscle treatment, they are free of any prescriptions!
    Check our our website and report some actual research in this department.

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