Dr Oz: Tylenol PM Liver Damage Warning & Lemon Balm Tea Review


Dr Oz: Lemon Balm Tea Sleep Aid Review

Dr. Oz says many people use over-the-counter medicines to get nighttime pain and cold relief. When they are used properly they are perfectly safe, but when products like Tylenol PM, Advil PM, Nyquil and others are not used correctly they can become the most dangerous OTC drugs in your medicine cabinet!

Dr Oz: Nighttime Sleep Aid Liver Damage Risk

Dr Oz: Tylenol PM Liver Damage Warning & Lemon Balm Tea Review

Dr Oz recommends avoiding OTC sleep medications and instead try drinking Lemon Balm Tea to de-stress and relax before bed.



  1. says

    Thank you Dr.Oz first off for your many tips or warning signs. As a Healthcare Supervisor, I visit many homes only to find Clients’ doing just as you are saying. I am in Ontario, Canada.
    I do not understand why Companies do not have their Warning Signs’ in bigger letters’ Obviously b/c they want people to buy their products. I myself feel that these Companies should be made to, in Bold Letters’ showing people exactly what this OTC may cause. They should make it a law!! I myself have known via my Employment many who have Liver Damage just for that reason. Sure it says do not take after XX wks. see your Physician. Many people are not advised or told enough about these products’. I am happy to see that you list many medical notations’. I certainly wish that more people were not computer illiterate. Especially those who are elderly and do not understand the consequences’ of such products. I am sure you could make a list as long as your arm. Thank you for your advice and many comments about medications, ailments’, and what not to eat. Keep those Posts’ coming, you are doing a fantastic job. Perhaps your Show should be more publicized as they do for so many other shows’ that “yes” are great to watch and yet so much Garbage on T.V. for kids, as well as Adults. Perhaps your Show should be mentioned to the Television Networks. I myself can honestly say that I very rarely see on Commercials’ and such that you are even on T.V. Like I said they Broadcast about Space Show’s, Reality T.V. and many others’ that they really should not be raving about, it is really unfortunate that young children see so much that they should not. To be honest, and I am fortunate to have you Bookmarked on my pc, but as I said so many other unhealthy shows’ are on Commercials. I feel that whoever your Producer is should push more for letting people know about your show. When it airs’, what channel etc.
    Thank you Dr.Oz for your many emails that I myself receive. Your Incredible!!

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