Dr. Oz: Vastu & Reorganizing Your Home According to the Elements


Dr. Oz: Vastu Architecture

Dr. Oz talked about the ancient technique of Vastu, which can help you maximize your health by harnessing the power of your surroundings. It’s said to be the basis for Feng Shui. It originated in India and it is based on the four elements of fire, water, air, and earth. If any of these four elements are out of balance, then it’s believed your life is in disharmony, putting yourself at risk for disease.



  1. Elodia Geffers says

    This was amazing!. Stuff you kind of already feel in your body and instinctively change with out knowing it. However, with the information I can be more attuned to doing it more efficiently. I will definitely be trying this in my home. Thanks!

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