Dr Oz: Virtual Ultrasound – 3D Imaging Tour Inside Your Body


Dr Oz: Virtual Ultrasound Detects Uterine Polyps

Virtual Ultrasound

Dr. Oz introduced an amazing new imaging machine that can literally walk you through the inside of your body, taking you on a virtual tour while searching for abnormalities.

Today’s Dr. Oz show has been dedicated to sharing some of the biggest medical breakthroughs in order to give you information about new procedures that could save your life. They have included a procedure to aid in diagnosing and treating heart disease, one that can help with overactive bladder and another to remove unwanted body fat. The next one is equally as amazing as the first 3 and I guarantee you will be impressed by what you read.

Dr Oz: Medical Breakthrough – Virtual Ultrasound

There was a time when the only way a doctor could look inside of your body was by using an X-ray machine, but technology has evolved over the years and there is a new imaging machine that can take a virtual tour inside of your body. For the first time ever, Dr. Oz and his audience will get to see the inside of Dr. Oz’s heart thanks to this amazing medical breakthrough. Dr. Edward Grant, a Radiologist, argues that this device could save your life. He explains that it works by using an advanced form of ultrasound technology from the inside of the body, so you literally feel like you are right there within the structure of the body, making it way more useful than traditional ultrasounds because it provides a 3D look inside the human body.

  • Aplio 500
  • Can fly through any fluid-filled structure
  • Detects lesions, masses, and polyps

Dr Oz: Virtual Ultrasound Demonstration

For the first time ever, Dr. Oz, along with his audience, got an inside look at his heart. With the machine set up right on his stage, Dr. Edward Grant performed a Virtual Ultrasound of Dr. Oz’s heart. Initially it looks like a basic ultrasound, but then the incredible 3D image appeared on the screen as we literally “walked” through Dr. Oz’s heart, seeing its structure from the inside-out. This technology has been used to find such images as a polyp in a woman’s uterus along with an up close look of an 8 week old fetus. Wow. It is simply amazing that this can all be done via Virtual Ultrasound without actually going inside of a person’s body.


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    Hello! In what cities have this ultrasoun? My friend is very ill and doctors cannot find out what ales her, I think she will profit from this. We live in Gretna. LA. Thank you very much, Cynthia 🙂

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