Dr Oz: What Causes Allergies? Most Common Allergies and Allergy Shots


Dr Oz: Do Allergy Shots Work?

Dr. Oz said the worst allergy season is upon us and some doctors are even referring to it as an allergy epidemic! He says allergies are literally sweeping across the country like never before and they could leave you feeling worse than you ever have before.

Dr Oz: What Causes Allergies?

Dr. Clifford Bassett says an allergy epidemic is exactly what we are experiencing this year because doctors are seeing more patients than ever before, ranging in age from children to adults. He says allergy season started early this year, back in February, which is due to warm weather that many experienced before it got cold again. Dr. Bassett says he normally does not hear from patients until the month of April with their allergy complaints.

Dr. Oz: Most Common Allergies

Allergy Epidemic

Dr Oz says this is going to be the worst year for seasonal allergies, and he has advice to help you get through the season without feeling too miserable.

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