Dr Oz: What Causes Deja Vu? Journaling & Dream Analysis For Health


Dr Oz: What Is Deja Vu?

Have you ever experienced deja vu, that strong sense you have been somewhere before or experienced something in the past? Most of us can probably say this has happened. But Dr Oz said you should listen to your brain when you have deja vu. It could have a message about your health.

Dr Oz: Deja Vu & Stress

Dr Oz: What Causes Deja Vu? Journaling & Dream Analysis For Health

Many of us will experience deja vu, but could it carry signs about your health? Find out what an expert said you can learn by documenting your experiences.



  1. Karen Gulack says

    I have had deja vu a few times in my life. I do not remember the old episodes, but just recently experienced an episode. I was visiting my family this past Mother’s Day (2013). I was standing the my brother’s kitchen and talking with my sister and 2 sister-in-laws…when I had an overwhelming feeling come over me, that I was having that same conversation before, even standing there and having the same conversation. It was like it happened and then it was re-happening the same way….like groundhog day…same thing. I quickly walked away and tried to change my thoughts because it became uncomfortable, weird and such a strange feeling. I do not remember any of my other episodes ever feeling like that. The topic of our conversation ghosts / spirits. It started with a discussion about Theresa Caputo, (Long Island Medium). Which led to my sister-in law talking about her grandmother who passed and someone my sister in law knew told her that she had a message for my sister-in-law from her grandmother. And, she told her something she would have never known. As my sister-in-law was saying what happened…I got that feeling. It scared me because as I said I have had these episodes before….but never like that! Another one of my sister-in-laws that was there with us during that conversation, who suffers seizures, was telling me it was similar to what she experiences when she has a seizure. I have never had a seizure in my life. I felt like if I didn’t walk away from that conversation…that I was going to collapse. Once I walked away and changed my thought…I was fine and been fine since! Weird huh?!?

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