Dr. Oz: Woman Comes Back to Life After 45 Minutes & Amniotic Embolism


Dr. Oz: Woman Comes Back to Life After 45 Minutes

Dr. Oz kicked off his show talking about a woman who gave birth and then died for 45 minutes. After that length of time, she came back to life. Now, she claims she saw things on the other side.

She made headlines around the world and shocked the medical community when she survived that long without a pulse. It all started after she went through a routine C-section. In the recovery room, they noticed as they hooked up the monitors that Ruby stopped breathing and became unconscious. They rushed her back to the C-section room. Doctors called in more help to work on her. These were highly trained anesthesiologists, intensivists, nurses, and other support team. They worked to resuscitate her.


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