Dr Oz: Yellow Earwax & Alcohol Tolerance VS Dry Earwax & Body Odor


Dr Oz: What Does Your Earwax Say About Your Genes?

Dr Oz isn’t shy when it comes to encouraging viewers to learn more about their bodies. He’s recommended we all pay more attention to the color of our urine and the shape of our poop. Now, he wants viewers to take a closer look at their earwax. However, to do so, don’t use regular cotton swabs. Instead, use safety swabs found in the children’s section of your local drug store. You may be surprised to learn what your earwax can tell you about your health.

To help, Dr Oz welcomed Dr Sharon Moalem who explained that you can actually get a lot of genetic information from your ears. According to Dr Moalem, earwax usually comes in two main categories: colored and wet or dry, grey, and flaky.


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