Dr Oz’s Headache Quiz: Treating Migraines & Tension Headaches

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Dr Oz’s Headache Quiz: Treating Migraines & Tension Headaches

By on December 3, 2012

Dr Oz: Peppermint Oil Headache Relief

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Dr Oz’s Type of Headache Quiz

1. Where do your headaches occur most often?

  • A. Forehead, neck & back of head
  • B. One side of the head
  • C. Behind one eye or side of the face

2. Which best describes your headache pain?

  • A. Consistent tightening around head
  • B. Throbbing
  • C. Intense

3. How long do your headaches usually last?

  • A. 2-6 hours
  • B. Up to 3 days
  • C. 30 minutes to 1 hour

Dr Oz: Headache Quiz Scores

  • A’s: Tension headache
  • B’s: Migraine headache
  • C’s: Cluster headache

Dr Oz: Headache Types

Dr Oz's Headache Quiz: Treating Migraines & Tension Headaches

Dr Oz’s Headache Quiz can help you figure out what type of headache you experience most often.

Dr. Oz says that each type of headache is treated differently. Even though many people often treat them all the same, this is not the case. He has very different advice depending on what type of headache you found yourself to have after taking his headache quiz. Dr. Audrey Halpern, a neurologist, says the biggest mistake that people make when they get a headache is that they think all headaches are treated the same, but this simply is not the case.

Treating a Tension Headache

When you experience a tension headache, you will often have pain in your forehead, on the side of your head, or at the back of your neck. Dr. Oz says that 88% of women experience this type of headache, which is triggered by physical or emotional stressors or spasms in the muscle.

  • Naproxen: 300-500 MG (works to reduce pain and inflammation)
  • Ibuprofen: 200-400 MG (works to reduce pain and inflammation)
  • Look for liquid gels (provides more rapid relief)
  • Peppermint Oil (rubbing it into your temple can help to reduce the pain and spasm)

Dr Oz: Treating Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches usually cause pain on one side of the head and above the eye or at the temple. Dr. Halpern says they are usually associated with sensitivity to light and noise or nausea. Migraines are triggered by variations in a person’s routine, like not getting regular sleep, or eating foods like aged cheese. Dr. Halpern says that taking over-the-counter medications that contain caffeine can be really helpful, but she cautions people to be careful because taking too much can actually make the migraines worse.

  • Prescription for Triptan
  • 500 MG Magnesium
  • Valerian Root Tea (can help to reduce the anxiety during a migraine attack)

Dr Oz: Treating Cluster Headaches

Cluster headaches most often occur on one side of the head, either in the eye or behind the eye. Dr. Oz says this type of headache is often the most missed for many people. They are often associated with redness or tearing in the eye and a runny nose. Dr. Audrey Halpern says this is the least common type of headache, but often the most severe. They are excruciating and can last about 30 minutes, but then go away. The problem is that they can recur night after night after night, according to Dr. Halpern.

  • Avoid alcohol during a cluster cycle because alcohol is a potent trigger.
  • Prescription for Triptans
  • Capsaicin Nasal Spray

Dr. Oz says it is important to identify the type of headache you are having, so that you can treat it quickly and effectively.

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