Fear of Heights: Dr Oz Climbs a Telephone Pole in the Desert

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Fear of Heights: Dr Oz Climbs a Telephone Pole in the Desert

By on September 14, 2012

Dr Oz: Fear of Heights

What is your biggest fear? Dr Oz took 50 audience members to the desert to confront the things they’re most afraid of, and even he got in on the act. It turns out his biggest fear is heights, so he got paired up with someone else who was equally terrified of a task called the Quantum Leap.

Together, the pair would have to scale telephone poles and then step off of them, confronting their fears. Pam couldn’t decide whether she wanted to lead or follow in this challenge. That’s when life coach Valorie Burton stepped in.

Doctor Oz Is Terrified of Heights

Fear of Heights: Dr Oz Climbs a Telephone Pole in the Desert

To conquer his own fear of heights, Dr Oz climbed a telephone pole in the desert, with help from someone in his own audience.

“Don’t talk about the fear. Talk about your courage, ‘cause you have it,” Valorie said before they began their ascent. First, they did a dry run on the ground, and then Pam was on her way up the pole. (Don’t worry; they were all strapped in, just in case.)

Dr Oz Climbs a Telephone Pole

Pam made it on top of her small platform, to cheers and applause from her cohorts far below. She shook in terror on the top, but then stood proud and smiled. After taking it in for a moment, she yelled for Dr Oz to hurry up behind her.

He had a camera strapped to his helmet, admitting along the way that he hates heights. They had to make room to stand together on this very narrow platform. Dr Oz was freaking out, you guys, and Pam talked him through it. The student became the teacher, and together they stood tall and surveyed the beauty of the desert landscape.

Doctor Oz: Miraval Retreat

Then they counted off and lept from the platform, getting suspended in the air. In case these women weren’t already choked up, the show started playing “Landslide” over a montage of their final lessons and emotional highlights from the weekend.

“We have created a toolkit that all of us can now use in our own lives,” Dr Oz said of the journey.

Participants agreed that they are now prepared to make healthier changes and rely on more positive coping mechanisms in managing their emotional wellbeing.

Dr Oz: Miraval Lessons from the Desert

Finally, the participants attended a meditative session to release their baggage once and for all, on the wings of an eagle. I am not making this up. The smoke ceremony, complete with a Native American headdress and drum circle, focused on the interconnectedness of the universe.

Would you take Dr Oz’s offer of a desert spa getaway? I mean, who wouldn’t? But I am not 100% sold that I could keep a straight face in the drum circle. What did you think of this episode? Will you be applying the life lessons to your own emotional baggage?

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