Find Your True Purpose: Breath Walking, Yoga & Pilates on Dr Oz

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Find Your True Purpose: Breath Walking, Yoga & Pilates on Dr Oz

By on September 14, 2012

Dr Oz: Miraval Spa Retreat

What’s your emotional baggage? Dr Oz invited a special audience to his show and let expert Valorie Burton outline a plan to deal with their issues. Then he whisked them off for a desert retreat at the Miraval Resort and Spa. Discover how they found their true purpose through yoga, pilates, and breath walking.

Doctor Oz: Yoga Flow Review – Yoga & Meditation

After their desert hike, Dr Oz took the audience to a Yoga Flow class, where the instructor reinforced their positive emotions and the power and strength it took for them to try something new and expand their comfort zones.

Find Your True Purpose: Breath Walking, Yoga & Pilates on Dr Oz

Dr Oz took his audience on a desert spa retreat, where they learned yoga, pilates, breath walking & how to find your true purpose.

One woman in the class talked about the connection between yoga and meditation. “When you relax, you release, and then you revive yourself,” she said.

Another participant said it relieved tension, and the class got to release negative energy while going through the poses. Someone else commented on the life lessons of being present and living a positive life. The yoga session ended with chimes.

Valorie Burton: Find Your True Purpose

After yoga, the group got together for a lecture and discussion about purpose. Valorie Burton said that most emotional baggage is holding people back from their true purpose. She suggested visualizing what you want to achieve and using past experiences as learning opportunities for growth.

She had people brainstorm role models and work on opening their minds to new opportunities in life’s journey.

Dr Oz: One on One Pilates

One woman took cameras along for her one on one pilates class. The instructor promised it would improve flexibility and range of motion. The student said she had never tried it before and was excited to take another step toward health.

“I have to get healthy, and I realize that the things that I can do in my everyday life are just simple things,” she said.

The class used special equipment to teach Pilates moves that are typically done on a only a mat.

Dr Oz: Breath Walking Class

Another group of retreat attendees went to a Breath Walking Class, learning how to sync their breathing with their strides. Dr Oz learned a mantra from one of the women taking the class. She explained that she was trying to learn healthier coping mechanisms to avoid her mother’s experiences with addiction.

She told Dr Oz that drinking wine makes it easier for her to smoke cigarettes, which she also knows are bad for her, and which she does not smoke when sober. Dr Oz thought this was a breakthrough.

She admitted that she was concerned about her sobriety, and Dr Oz helped her focus on breathing and her mantra. After a few breaths of focus, the woman admitted that she felt at risk for addiction.

Dr Oz told her to let go of the fear of becoming her mother, and wanted to help her break through the fear. She said she would like to use drinking for occasional celebration, and not as a stress reliever.

Dr Oz: Low Ropes Course & Trust Wall

It looks from this episode like just visiting Arizona must be relaxing (unless you live there, in which case I guess you would need a change of scenery). Participants next faced a trust wall, and they had to work together to conquer the wall.

The instructor explained how it was a metaphor for their overall journey to achieve their goals. They had no trouble teaming up to help one another overcome their physical obstacle (and their obvious emotional challenges).

One woman said that doesn’t feel strong and wants to be in better physical shape so she can be more active with her son. When it was her turn to scale the wall, she was hesitant. But the team lifted and pushed her up, and others were waiting to pull her over at the top.

Before she made it over the wall, she announced she couldn’t breathe and fell to the ground. Would she make it through the weekend?

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  1. Threresa says:

    wow sounds great,I think a lot of us are lost and need some inspiration.

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