Dr Oz: Free At Heart Emergency Aspirin Dispenser & Symptom Checklist


Rosie O’Donnell & Dr Oz: Heart Health

Rosie O’Donnell and Dr. Oz agree that having a heart attack can most definitely change your perspective. Rosie joked about how surprised she was when Donald Trump tweeted well wishes to her after her heart attack in August. They turned back to a more serious realization for Rosie O’Donnell when she shared a thought that is important to her.


  1. says

    me and my mother watched the dr oz program this afternoon today,10/25/2012. both of us enjoyed the information. a’m i doing correct in e-mail to request a heart aspirin dispenser ? hope one for my mother ,first . i could use one also,if possible. if only one, my mother comes first. thank you. tell me what to do. may i have one for my key chain ? we will watch again tomarrow.

  2. says

    i wrote a quick message. was i suppose to give e-mail or physical address to recieve the aspirin dispenser giveaway for mom and i. i never did this before. ,but i watched the program two and 1/2 times.

  3. andrea johnson says

    Watched the show today. Oh my. I think I may have been having some symptoms. The dispenser is a must have.

  4. Valera F0ster says

    Dr Oz is simply the best, I love this show and I tell all of my friends and family about his suggestions, recommendations, menus, everything. The reason I am writing is to request the free At heart Emergency Aspirin dispenser, I signed on today because I heard Dr Oz say yesterday to log on today to be the first of 5000 to receive a free key chain at heart dispenser, how do I get one because the website said today log on tomorrow at 3pm?

  5. says

    I am so happy that Rosie is talking about women and heart disease. I had a cardiac event, like Rosie, and had 3 stents put in. Three years later I had 2 more. I have Type 1 Diabetes and thought I had heartburn. Thank you. I love those aspirin dispensers. Hope I will get one.

  6. says

    Dr. Oz and Rosie,
    Thank you for the show about heart attack in women. I watch your show every day and learn so much about my health and body. I hope I will get one of those free aspirin dispensers. They are a great thing to have with you. Heart attackes run in my and my family husband family.
    Esther Biggs 22712 Meadowbrook Rd. Novi, Mi 48375

  7. Penny says

    Hi Dr. Oz. I watch your program except if I get an assignment as I work part-time.
    I obviously missed this heart attack show and glad it was repeated. I bought two sets
    of three heart dispensers and it will be part of Christmas presents this year. You are an amazing doctor. Since I have been watching your show I started eating alot of red peppers and I shop entirely differently. The last time I went to the doctor he said my good cholesterol level was higher than he had ever seen since he got out of med school and he is in his late 60’s. I get hives from tomates though. Any other sources of lycopene you can think of. That
    is why I eat red peppers instead, and I like them. Got any good suggestions for headaches?
    I know I have it written down somewhere. I have alot of litle spiral books but by the time
    your show gets on it has gotten shuffled somewhere so I open another one and start
    writing. I could use a course on organization now that I am partially retired and husband
    is retired, at home, and so space is shared and I have to keep moving things off the
    table when he is using it. Any suggestions? Maybe I should get one big folder or notebook
    and recopy whatever I find into it. There has to be an easier way. By the way I have
    IBS and on good days I go for it eating fruits and salads etc. Bad days I eat and it is an
    immediate evacuation. On good days when BMs are firm is it normal to get dizzy
    after evacuating? I do not have any other symptoms. Thanks for listening and being
    the best doctor on TV.

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