Dr Oz Free Oral B Power Toothbrush Giveaway & Manual Vs Power Brush

By on October 18, 2012

Dr Oz: What Is Dental Plaque?

Dr Oz has apparently partnered with Oral B to promote dental health, which is something I bet we could all stand to take a closer look at. Dr Oz’s own dentist, Dr Jonathan Levine, visited the show to talk about good oral hygiene. Plus, find out how you can get a Dr Oz free Oral B power toothbrush.

“Dental Plaque is this sticky, gooey substance that forms on our teeth,” Dr Levine said. What you feel on your teeth in the morning is plaque, and that’s what sends you running for the toothbrush and floss.

Dr Oz: Plaque Heart Health Risk?

Plaque is bacteria that accumulates on the teeth over time. The key is keeping the healthy, needed bacteria in balance against the unwanted bad bacteria. The key to good dental hygiene is timeliness. You don’t want to give plaque a chance to set in.

Dr Levine said that decay, inflammation, gum disease and other oral health concerns can result from neglecting your oral health. Plaque can even lead to heart health risks, which is something Dr Oz has been keeping on his radar.

Dr Oz: Gum Disease Vs Heart Disease

Dr Oz Free Oral B Power Toothbrush Giveaway & Manual Vs Power Brush

Get details on the Dr Oz Free Oral B power brush giveaway and the benefits of a power vs manual toothbrush with Dr Oz’s dentist.

There has been debate about a link between gum disease and heart disease. Does gum disease cause heart disease? Dr Oz said it was time to set the record straight.

While Gum Disease might not directly cause Heart Disease, both are consequences of inflammation, which can be prevented. Whether you have either of these conditions or both (or neither) working on preventing one will help to improve your general health.

Dr Oz: Plaque Bacteria & Inflammation

The key to managing Plaque is keeping that bacteria in balance. Not cleaning your mouth well leads to inflammation. Your gums act as a dashboard, and if they are getting red, that’s a warning sign for you to pay attention to Plaque.

What’s more, Plaque can set in quickly. After just 24 hours, Plaque can thicken and stick to the teeth. Over an extended period of time, you can have irritated gums and the Plaque can turn to tartar because it steals nutrients from your saliva.

Dr Oz: Brush & Floss Twice a Day

Dr Oz suggested that you brush and floss twice per day and visit the dentist twice per year for checkups. He also thinks that using a power brush is the most effective way to keep your teeth clean and happy.

Oral B Professional Precision 1000 Power Toothbrush Review

Dr Jonathan Levine touted the Oral B Professional Precision 1000 Power Toothbrush (what happened to not mentioning brand names, Dr Oz?), at a retail price of about $75. He said it has a great range of motion that promotes plaque removal for healthier teeth.

You have to brush for an average of two minutes to get the best results. Studies show the average person only brushes for 30 seconds. (I use a Sonicare toothbrush, and it has a two-minute timer to keep me honest, which I like.)

Dr Oz: Manual Vs Power Toothbrush

Dr Levine said that using a manual toothbrush means you have to rely more on your technique to get results, but a power brush will do all the work for you. Which do you prefer? What do you have in your bathroom?

Though the cost of a power brush can seem steep, Dr Levine said it’s actually an affordable way to take great care of your teeth. He advised changing the heads about every 45-60 days.

Dr Oz Free Oral B Toothbrush Giveaway

Since Dr Oz doesn’t want all of us spending too much money on products, even though they are good for our health. He gave his whole studio audience free Oral B power brushes. He also promised to give away free brushes to the first 1000 people who log on to his website on October 19 2012 at 3 p.m. Eastern time.

Dr Oz Pumpkin Carvings

This episode featured Dr Oz Pumpkin Recipes, and with Halloween coming up, Dr Oz took a look at some health-themed pumpkin carvings. They included an ultrasound of a baby, a flexible yoga student, and a pumpkin with Swine Flu.

Viewers even sent in Jack-O-Lantern carvings, including an anatomically correct skeleton and doctor’s exam room. A father-daughter team even carved pumpkins featuring the Dr Oz Show logo and a carving of Dr Oz, which took about eight hours to create.

The best part is you can eat the art once you’re done with it. Dr Oz and the pair agreed that sauteed pumpkin seeds make a great snack.

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Comments to Dr Oz Free Oral B Power Toothbrush Giveaway & Manual Vs Power Brush

  1. I appreciated the program today about tooth health and the difference between a manual tooth brush and a power toothbrush. I would very much appreciate receiving a free power toothbrush.

  2. I’m glad you liked it, Margie. Dr Oz is giving away toothbrushes on his website tomorrow at 3 p.m. Eastern time. Good luck!

  3. Mary L Lehmann says:

    I thought today’s show was very informative about the importance of good mouth care. I would love to have an Oral B Power Brush because I have Lichen Planus and Sjogrens and I know that mouth care is so very important. I would have one but for the cost.

  4. Maria Sheerin says:

    Very pleased with segment on dental health. Have had a lot of dental problems this past year, hence the neglect and resultant plaque. My dentist wants me to have them cleaned every 4 months. A free Oral B power brush would be a godsend.
    Thank you.

  5. it is always great to get a super product free of charge and ORAL B certainly makes a wide array of toothbrushes of all kinds that do an excellent job. In years past, I purchased and used manual and power brushes but I still lost a lot of my permanent teeth so I urge anyone who does not want fake teeth, partial plates, or implants to ‘JUMP ON THE BAND WAGON NOW- my dentist always say if your brushing skills are amateur use 0RAL B POWER BRUSHES BECAUSE THEY PROVIDE HYGIENE COMPARABLE TO A PROFESSIONAL CLEANING WITH VERY LITTLE EFFORT ON YOUR PART. PRICEY BUT SO ARE FAKE TEETH.

  6. kay henry says:

    Thanks for reminding me to spend more time on my teeth and thanks for the giveaway!


  8. judy mcisaac says:

    I have been trying for over 16 minutes to request power brush. I hope to receive one as I am a fan of Dr oz and have never requested anything before. Thank you

  9. Debbie Warrek says:

    Need to know if I will be recieving my tooth brush. Submitted my info. I know it went through. How do I find out if I well be recieveing one. Thank you. Debbie Warrek 66 Maple st Ellington CT 06029 phone # 860-454-8155 . P.S MY FRAVORITE SHOW , WHERE CAN I GET A BOOK WITH ALL OF HIS SHOWS.

  10. Before I became disabled and broke I owned an electric Oral B powered toothbrush. I have no money to buy extravagants such as that and if you still have one left I would really, really, really like to have one. I’m 56 years old and have always taken good care of my teeth now with my disabilities it would be so much easier for me to use one. Please consider me and by the way I love all the Oral B products including my manual tooth brush. I’ve never used anything else! Love the Dr. Oz show! Thanks for taking the time to read this and considering me.

  11. Helen Stack says:

    I watched yesterday’s show 8/15/13 and took a cab home to be at @3:00 pm only to find that you meant 3:00 pm your time not mine so unfortunately I missed out. Any chance you could bend the rules??? From now on, I willknow that you mean your time, not mine.

    I am a senior and desperately a good toothbrush as the one displayed on your show on

  12. I cant find the site where we get a free OralB power brush. can you send it to
    Lucie Holzer 3680 SE 4th Terr
    Okeechobee FL. 34974
    thank you so much I m not so good with Internet so I cant find where I have to subcribe to receive my tooth brush. thank you

  13. eric shaw says:

    doctor oz Iam a combat veteran Icant find the web site for my free oralB power brush.can you please send to:
    15 learned st
    new london ct 06320
    thank you very much.
    ps my email is:eshaw1961@live.com

  14. phiistine shaw says:

    Doctor oz I cant find your web site.please send my a free oralB power brush can you please send to:
    philistine shaw
    287 elm st
    new london ct 06320.

  15. ana moncada says:

    Dr oz I cant find your web site.Iam eric shaw wife.please send me a free oralB power brush please send at:
    ana moncada
    15 learned st
    new london ct 06320.

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