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Dr Oz October 19 2012 Dr Oz October 19 2012 explained why you could have an Iron deficiency in your body and not even know it after a doctor’s checkup. Find out how to get more iron in your diet. Then, calculate your life path number with a numerologist and see what it could mean […]

Dr Oz October 18 2012 Get the superfoods you can eat to prevent cancer and learn the connections between food and culinary medicine with Dr Oz October 18 2012. Plus, Dr Oz tackles your tough health problems with his fast fixes and hooks you up with a free toothbrush. Dr Oz: Culinary Medicine & BITES […]

Dr Oz October 16 2012 Dr Oz October 16 2012 featured returning fan favorites Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien. They covered topics popular with Dr Oz Fans, including food allergy alerts and advice, as well as the Hungry Girl grocery guide and great low calorie recipes that are easy to make. Dr Oz: […]

Dr Oz October 15 2012 Dr Oz October 15 2012 featured a candid chat with Jenny McCarthy about her health habits and Dr Oz’s Energy Drink Type guide for your routine. Dr Oz: Jenny McCarthy Bad Habits Review Author Jenny McCarthy is back with a new book, Bad Habits, about the effects religion and faith have […]

Dr Oz October 12 2012 Dr Oz October 12 2012 featured the return of alternative medicine expert Dr Andrew Weil, with new recipes and diet plans to help you reduce inflammation in the body. Plus, get Dr Oz’s seven best pain solutions that could work in under a week, including Arnica Gel. Check out the […]

Dr Oz October 11 2012 Dr Oz October 11 2012 was a full hour about the risks and truths you didn’t know about HPV. About 80% of adults will be exposed by age 50, so what can we do to keep these cases from turning into cancer? See what Oz and experts had to say […]

Dr Oz October 10 2012 Dr Oz October 10 2012 featured a candid chat with rock star Rick Springfield about his personal demons. Plus, did you ever think your pain relievers could affect your hearing? Find out what Dr Oz shared with the audience. Dr Oz: Rick Springfield Depression, Suicide Attempt & Alcoholic Battle Dr […]

Dr Oz October 9 2012 Dr Oz October 9 2012 found viewers and even fellow doctors asking Oz, “what the heck?” Harried husbands and mortified friends confronted their loved ones about how Dr Oz’s advice has gotten out of control. Find out how you can get back to basics with simple advice and Dr Oz’s […]

Dr Oz October 8 2012 Dr Oz October 8 2012 focused on the risks associated with artificial sweeteners and butter substitutes. You may think you’re making healthy choices, but could you be at risk for deadly diseases or surprise health problems? Find out what you missed from this episode. Dr Oz: Artificial Sweetener Dangers Artificial […]

Dr Oz October 5 2012 Have you been tested for the new surprise killer, Silent Reflux? It’s often misdiagnosed and causes esophageal cancer. Take Dr Oz’s test to see if you are at risk. Also, find out the best recipes and advice that Dr Oz Super Fans like you have sent in to the show. […]

Dr Oz October 4 2012 From food porn to farm practices, Dr Oz October 4 2012 took a look at how what we eat is a part of our daily lives. Find out what you missed on Dr Oz October 4 2012. Dr Oz: Food Porn Makes You Fat Dr Oz gathered a panel of […]

Dr Oz October 3 2012 Dr Oz October 3 2012 featured more audience members’ most mortifying health and medical mistakes. These women are only telling their stories on Dr Oz, and sometimes their families haven’t even heard the whole truth. Plus, how comedian Lisa Lampanelli lost 80 pounds, and what she recommends to others in […]

Dr Oz October 2 2012 Check out these hot health stories Dr Oz and his guests explored on Dr Oz October 2 2012. Find out about the latest medical headlines and what the experts think. Plus, hear two stories you won’t soon forget: Gigantism & the return of Bubonic Plague. Dr Oz: Weight Gain Prenuptial […]

Dr Oz October 1 2012 One of the most popular talk show guests of the year returned to Dr Oz October 1. Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, was back to explain the connection between anxiety and the world beyond. Plus, if you’ve heard the recent headlines about Omega 3s, find out what Dr Oz […]

Dr Oz September 27 2012 Dr Oz September 27 2012 revealed that 10% of the adult population could be dealing with Celiac Disease without even realizing it. Plus, find out about the latest free health apps you should be using every day and get some quick and easy no-bake recipes to try in the microwave. […]

Dr Oz September 26 2012 Dr Oz September 26 2012 was all about the latest epidemic that’s reaching across America: the epic overshare. Are you guilty of it? The guests on the show had their biggest secrets revealed, and sometimes they were the ones doing all the talking. Find out what Dr Oz thinks about […]

Dr Oz September 25 2012 Dr Oz September 25 2012 revealed the truth about Melatonin, which shocked the audience. Find out what you need to know before taking another dose of this sleep supplement. Plus, Dr Oz debunked your biggest beauty myths on this episode. Dr Oz: Melatonin Dangers, Side Effects & Melatonin Hangovers Have […]

Dr Oz September 24 2012 Dr Oz September 24 2012 featured some life-changing advice for people with low energy, and a plan to help an Internet fast food critic change his life for the love of his family. Check out Dr Oz September 24 2012, in case you missed it. Dr Oz: The #1 Reason […]

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