Ask Dr Oz Cancer Edition: In Case You Missed It March 4 2011


Doctor Oz’s show called Ask Dr Oz: Cancer Edition was on again today.  It originally aired on December 16, 2010 (at least in New York City it did!).  Doctor Oz gave great Cancer Fighting & Cancer Preventing tips and other home remedies including an Anti-Inflammatory Spice Mix, how Vitamin D fights Cancer, how Hibiscus Tea and Gurmar Extract improves your kidney health, a Lemon Brandy Face Mask, and a Lemon Juice Flaxseed Drink – just to name a few!  Do not worry if you missed the show though, because there are links to recaps of every single segment of the show below!

Dr Oz March 4 2011: In Case You Missed It

1.  Eat balsamic vinegar along with your pasta in order to slow down how quickly your body absorbs the sugar found in the pasta.  Click here to read more Surprising Food Combinations: Dr Oz: Dynamic Duos: Surprising Food Combinations for Your Health


  1. Alley Turner says

    I enjoyed your show , well lately have been able to watch and enjoy them daily ! I have always been extremely healthy never smoke, nor drink,, ate healthy organic… and was DX with ALS in 2000 now mostly bed bound. BUT starting May 2010 I had fever, blisters on head, slight neck rash . Next thing I knew I became sad and frustrated with pain of tender scalp beautiful hair FELL out and it became oily or mor like thick lard. Sense then I have ran fluctuating fevers daily. We keep watch as pain patch i use must come off at 101 which it does daily and jumps quickly lately to 103. Before this past year me once or twice a year blood work was always perfect. Now my Potassium shocked us went down to 1.7 . I take liquid potassium daily and checked monthly, My Vitamin D was 20, Magnesium, Vitamin B12 ( I get shots every month past year) , Calcium,protein, red blood cells, glucose low even not fasting all these are low. I take the Calcium , vitamin D,Magnesium, Iron, all be liquid and B12 shots.I am always hungry good caregiver and diet is good. I’m sure I am missing something every test I thought all would be great ! to be told something else low. I have had many, many blood test to figure out my fluctuating daily fever , hair falling out oh yes I have severe night sweats which I am taking medication for it helps a lot but was so bad my bed cloths are changed one or twice night still soaking wet from head to toe. It’s bad enough having ALS but I have been able to keep myself very healthy and good caregivers like I mention until May 2010 . xrays, Ultrasounds all types of blood work no own knows. I have a good team of Dr’s that come to our home and at least one day a week they get together to solve patients health problems. So much talent and education BUT NO ONE CAN HELP ME. My LOW tEMP is 96 to 97 by the time I am 99 I feel hot burning eyes and then in an hour or less it can be 103. So you have any idea what could help me stop my suffering.
    Sincerely, Allison Turner
    Oh yes In Nov 2010 Pneumonia for first time and I do get th Pneumonia shot. Can you help me DR. Oz

  2. says

    Thanks for this recap. I have been trying to find the video for this episode, but I am not having any luck. I really enjoyed the spices to use as an anti-inflammatory as well as the matcha as a cancer-fighter.

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