Binge Eating Crisis & Treatment: Dr Oz September 19 2012 Recap

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Binge Eating Crisis & Treatment: Dr Oz September 19 2012 Recap

By on September 19, 2012

Dr Oz September 19 2012

The Dr Oz September 19 2012 show was focused on the topic of Binge Eating. For some, this problem spirals out of control, and four women shared their cries for help. Learn how their stories could help others like them who need help breaking free from the pain. Here’s what you missed on Dr Oz September 19 2012.

Binge Eater Loses Time – How Food Soothes Pain

Binge Eating Crisis & Treatment: Dr Oz September 19 2012 Recap

Dr Oz September 19 2012 explored the dangers of binge eating and offered four women the chance to conquer their emotional triggers.

Kelly works a full time job and is a mother of two. She said she eats at night while her husband is at work because she is lonely. But she is afraid about where her binge eating could lead and what would happen if her kids found out about her out of control eating.

Dying To Eat – Mother Teaches Daughter Binge Eating

Dr Oz also met a mom named Mary who said she likes to spend time with her teenage daughter. Unfortunately, due to her physical condition, Mary can’t do much to bond with her daughter, other than eating. She admitted that sometimes they realize after bingeing that they have eaten enough to feed an entire family.

Dr Oz Binge Eating – Mom Attacked for Teaching Daughter To Binge

Kelly confronted Mary about teaching her daughter Stephanie to binge eat. Find out what Stephanie thinks about her mom’s unhealthy habit, and why she has been going along with it. See what Dr Oz had to say about their relationship and eating habits.

Binge Eating Guilt & Pregnancy Wake-Up Call

Camilla was the last woman to open up about her personal binge eating struggles. She said that she has been hiding her binge eating from her doctors throughout her seven-month pregnancy. Dr Oz shared some startling facts about how her eating habits could be affecting her baby.

Dr Oz: Normal Stomach Vs Binge Eating Stomach Damage

What happens to your stomach when you are a binge eater? Dr Oz showed some graphic images that explain how your body changes and what other organs you are putting at risk when you overeat compulsively. Find out how this could even become fatal.

Wellspring at Structure House: Binge Eating Treatment Program

Dr Oz’s expert guests shared insights and resources to help the women on today’s show get through the emotional issues that trigger their dangerous habits. Find out how the Wellspring at Structure House program hopes to help them get solutions.

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