Dr Oz Antioxidants Ultimate Checklist: March 9 2011


Doctor Oz’s Show today (March 9, 2011) was called Dr Oz: Ultimate Checklist Antioxidants.  Dr Oz originally aired this show on December 1, 2010, but in case you missed it, I will give you links to the recaps below.  One of my favorite segments was when Doctor Oz spoke about the importance of the Super Antioxidants found in beets.  In addition to the three methods he spoke about for cooking beets (boiling, roasting and topped with balsamic vinegar and Gorgonzola cheese – yum!), I also want to remind everyone to try Dr Oz’s Red Drink Recipe, which is made of beets and is the new version of the Dr Oz Green Drink!

Dr Oz March 9 2011: In Case You Missed It

Click on the links at the end of each item below to read recaps of the Dr Oz Show from March 9 2011! Dr Oz In Case You Missed It March 9 2011


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  2. Redbony says

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