Dr Oz April 20, 2012: In Case You Missed It

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Dr Oz April 20, 2012: In Case You Missed It

By on April 20, 2012

Dr Oz Show: April 20, 2012

Click on the links at the end of each item below to read recaps of the Dr Oz Show from April 20, 2012-The 5 Tibetan Rites. Dr Oz explores the ancient rituals of Tibetan Monks that will improve your health. Find out the ancient secrets to get more energy and vitality. Plus, Dr Oz discusses the “Chakra Diet.” Find out if this diet is right for you!

Dr Oz April 20 2012

Dr Oz April 20 2012

Dr Oz: Chakra Diet

1. Want to learn how to live a healthier, happier life? Doctor Oz is joined by expert of Tibetan healing, Pamela Lancaster, to show you the 5 ancient rituals of the Tibetan Monk. Find out the secrets that will slow down aging, increase your energy and improve your overall health. Plus, see the yoga moves that will energize your inner Chakra.

Dr Oz: Chakra Diet, Fenugreek Supplements & 5 Tibetan Rites

Dr Oz: The 7 Chakras

2. Looking to lose weight? Dr Oz is joined by Holistic Guru, Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary,
to show you which foods in the Chakra Diet will help you live healthier and longer. Click on the link below to find out the best foods in the 4 Chakras to fuel your system.

Dr Oz 7 Chakras: Root Chakra Navel Shakra, Solar Plexus & More

Dr Oz: Forskolin Pills

3. Want to know how to double your weight loss? Doctor Oz is joined by Weight Loss Expert, Lisa Lynn, to show how the forskolin flower can help you fight fat almost instantly! This flower can also help you speed up metabolism. You don’t want to miss this!

Dr Oz: Forskolin Supplement Pills – Miracle Flower Fights Fat

Dr Oz: Mother-in-Law’s Tongue Plant & Sleep Remedies

4. Do you suffer from insomnia? Doctor Oz gives you the simple remedies that will get you a good night’s rest. Find out how to supercharge your sleep with these all-natural remedies. Plus, make the perfect nighttime smoothie that will have you falling asleep in no time!

Dr Oz: Grape Skin Powder Smoothie & Snake Plant Sleep Remedy

Dr Oz: Okra Mask & Chick Pea Flour Paste

5. Do you have skin problems you want to get rid of once and for all? Doctor Oz is joined by Shalini Wadhera, author of “Passport to Beauty” to show you the skin secrets from around the world. The best part? They’re all natural. Click on the link to find out how to get rid of wrinkles and age spots. Plus, find out the best essential oils to balance your energy.

Dr Oz: Chick Pea Flour Paste & Okra Face Mask, Rice Water Face Wash

Dr Oz In Case You Missed It: April 20 2012

Here is a complete list of recaps of the Dr Oz Show from April 20 2012:

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  1. Kimberly Chase-Adler says:

    I would love to have a written summary of all the gross possibilities and the sterile/cleanliness alternatives in hair salons to send to my local hair place. I know my hairdresser doesn’t clean the brushes and clips between clients. I would never have a bikini wax or pedicure because I already knew they were unclean. You do a great service to your audience and faithful fans of the show! Thank you!

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