Dr Oz: Autism February 17, 2011: In Case You Missed It


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Dr Oz February 17 2011 – In Case You Missed It

1.  Do MMR Vaccines Cause Autism?  Dr Oz had a variety of experts give their opinion on the heated Autism & Vaccine debate.  Click here to read more about Autism Causes: Dr Oz: What Causes Autism? Do MMR Vaccines Cause Autism?



  1. Richard Hand says

    I have one idea what causes autism. I believe it could be caused from ultra sounds given to the pregnant mother. Has that been looked into? Think about it they give ultra sounds for muscle massage , checking for tumors on your organs etc. It must be a powerful thing and when they give it to a mother when the baby is in its developmental stage I believe it could affect the nuerological system in a developing baby. Also think about it. Twenty five years ago it was not used so much back then or am I wrong. But Autism has been on the rise so fast since. It was unheard of years ago when all the doc had was a stethoscope to listen to the baby heartbeat. I wonder if this has been totally ruled out. Email me your feed back. Call me stupid but if there is no proof that ultrasounds are harmless it should be checked into. All mothers now days have it done, but it may be done differently by some doctors or done at the wrong time of the developing fetus. Wouldn’t it be great if this is the answer, it is a reach but I ain’t afraid to voice my opinion.

  2. Dana says

    My son was never diagnoised with autism, I was told that he was just a brat. Then aspergers came out and it was an ah ha momment for me! He was different from birth. He is very smart and learned to adapt to the world. I never had an ultra sound with him so I believe it is our life styles. I see the signs in my grandson now and worry his mother wont be able to handle it when it hits full force!

  3. Ross Coe says

    I can’t believe how people can be influenced by any theory of autism. Vaccines are the common denominator. Dr Oz put on a show that only reinforced mainstream medicine’s stance, and stiffled the vaccine theory quickly, without debate. He made sure the other side was not present, and pretended Autism Speaks refused to attend, which put a spin on the debate. They were likely invited late so they couldn’t prepare, or were suspicious about being set up. The Oz show agenda was carried out. The show was a one-sided disgrace that should leave a bad taste in one’s mouth. It stunk of dishonesty and fraud.

  4. says

    Have to agree with Ross Coe. 3-9 shots at one visit on a little baby is insane. Just read the inserts of each vaccine and you will see that they are poisonous. Cumulative effect on ones body and mind is overwhelming!
    Increase in vaccine schedule increase in autism it is as simple as that.

  5. Ross Coe says

    Subsequently, I’ve learn Mr Wonderful (DR OZ) owns a large amount of stock in SIGA TECHNOLOGIES, a vaccine producer. He is also on their board of directors. Its clear now why the DR orchastrated a phony “Town Hall” and gave 98% of the show to those he kept refering to as “THE EXPERTS”. Talk about biased and unbalanced. Talk about dishonesty and fraud.

  6. kathy heenan says

    It is absolutely crazy that we can’t get the other point of view on the air. There are numerous doctors and researchers around the world with solid medical credentials to speak about the obvious evidence between autism and vaccines. The evidence between immune disfunction/disregulation and autism is proven and has been for over a decade. These childen have an inflammatory response in their bodies. It’s due to the unproven assumption of health benefits of an unrestricted vaccination schedule. It’s completely true what somone said about this being an experiment in a multi-billion $ industry. There has to be a way for a more public forum to present the facts and stats of autism. Our children are depending on it.

  7. says

    My question for everyone is the following. If vaccines are causing Autism in many kids, what can we do? Not getting vaccines does not seem to be an option since they are required to go to most schools in America (as far as I know at least). So should we be putting our kids on some sort of extended vaccine schedule? And if so, what should that schedule look like? Or should we be fighting the system altogether and trying to get schools to not require proof of vaccination before attending?

  8. Ross Coe says

    Children who are not vaccinated are healthier than vaccinated ones. Most outbreaks affect mostly vaccinated people. Thats how effective they are. Vaccines are a scam. As long as we are allowing ourselves to be fooled and manipulated by fear mongering and threat we will have damaged children. It isn’t only autism that is caused by vaccines. MS, ALS, and dozens more vaccine induced conditions are considered VIDS. These companies are run by Bernie Maddox types who are immoral, greedy and siciopathic. Look into the Homefirst non-vaccinated children. They treat 3500 non-vaccinated children, and they are not dying of measles, mumps, or rubella or anything else.

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