Dr Oz: December 27, 2010: In Case You Missed It


Today’s Dr Oz was a repeat from September 27, 2010 – but in case you missed it, we will fill you in!  My favorite segment was of course Dr Oz’s Hot List and free giveaways.  We were lucky enough to test out a couple of the products from this segment, so definitely checkout the following two reviews: the Perfect Portions Digital Scale Review and the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair ReviewDr Oz In Case You Missed It December 27 2010


  1. Marcia Warden says

    I would like the name or website for the chaie that Dr Oz showed at the end of his show on Dec.27,2010. Thank You

  2. says

    i watched the show today and you said to go to the internet to get free items. i am so intersted in the ball they sat on and did exercise while sitting in a chair. i have m.s. and that looks like something i could do. i would like to receive one please thank you dr. ox very much. HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR. WE WATCH YOU EVERY DAY address 9537 f-21 hwy. hawks,mi.49743

  3. Marcia Warden says

    I have trouble w/most excercises because of a bladder problem, even the treadmill is difficult most of the time. I am to see my gyno this week for exam and consult to see what my options are. By the way at 56 I just had my first colonoscopy and I only had one polyp but it was a large one and it was cancer, it was already in the stalk but Dr says it was all removed. I got the good news on Dec 21. Good Christmas gift huh. I would be most Interested in a chair 17 Sauk Ct. Huntington, WV 25705

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