Dr Oz January 5 2012: In Case You Missed It

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Dr Oz January 5 2012: In Case You Missed It

By on January 5, 2012

Dr Oz Show: January 5 2012

Click on the links at the end of each item below to read recaps of the Dr Oz Show from January 5, 2012- The Cancer That Is Eating You Alive-Stomach Cancer.  Doctor Oz discusses this form of cancer that is on the rise.  Find out the facts about stomach cancer and what you can do to help prevent it.

Dr Oz: Stomach Cancer Signs and Symptoms

1. Your doctor tells you it’s stress, but it may be something else.

Dr Oz January 5 2012

Dr Oz January 5 2012

Stomach cancer is the cause of more than 1 million deaths a year and it’s on the rise.  Click on the link below to find out what you need to know to help prevent this deadly disease.  Find out the warning signs you should not ignore.

Dr Oz: Stomach Cancer Symptoms & Risk Factors

Dr Oz: Anti-Stomach Cancer Diet

2. Even if you are at high risk for this potentially deadly disease, there are steps you can take to help prevent it.  Dr Oz introduces nutrition expert, Dr. Neal Barnard, MD, to give you which foods will cut your chances of getting stomach cancer in half.

Dr Oz: Anti-Stomach Cancer Diet

Dr Oz: Cancer Fighting Supplements

3. Want more information on how to keep your body free from cancer?  Dr Oz shows you 3 important supplements that you should take daily in order to help prevent cancer.  Click on the link below to find out the proper dosage for each supplement that may keep you healthy and cancer-free.

Dr Oz: Cancer Fighting Supplements: Zinc, Calcium & Omega 3’s

Dr Oz: Cancer Fighters

5. Think eating healthy is time consuming and expensive?  Think again.  With the help of Dr. Will Clower, Doctor Oz shows you which cancer fighting foods to keep inside your pantry.  Click on the link below to find out how often you should eat cabbage, red beans and organic pumpkin in order to prevent cancer.

Dr Oz: Cancer Fighting Foods: Orange Foods, Cruciferous & Beans

Dr Oz: Cancer Fighting Recipes

5.  Think sauerkraut is disgusting?  Maybe you’re not the biggest fan of butternut squash.  Dr Oz shows you how to prepare quick, easy and delicious dishes with some of the biggest cancer fighting foods.  Click on the link below to find out how to prepare yummy meals with sauerkraut, pinto beans and canned pumpkin.

Dr Oz: Cancer Fighting Recipes: Spicy Pumpkin Soup & BBQ Beans Pasta

Dr Oz In Case You Missed It: January 5 2012

Here is a complete list of recaps of the Dr Oz Show from January 5 2012:


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  1. Some very interesting stuff, even though the show is female dedicated.. There is a void regarding new insights into food and drug information to the public. Schools are failing, students are failing, and kindergarden courses, on up, should include food facts and the effects on the body. Taught by nutritionists…..not teachers. (I am not a nutritionist)

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