Dr Oz June 22 2012: White Bean Extract Pills & Metabolism Calculator

By on June 22, 2012

Dr Oz Show: June 22, 2012

Click on the links at the end of each item below to read recaps of the Dr Oz Show from June 22, 2012: 7 Day Miracle Plan to Boost Your Metabolism. Looking for ways to burn off that fat forever? Doctor Oz introduces his one week miracle plan that increases your metabolism to help you lose weight. Plus, find out how to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Dr Oz June 22 2012 White Bean Extract

Dr Oz's June 22, 2012 show is all about White Bean Extract, ways to boost your metabolism and even a Metabolism Calculator!

Dr Oz Metabolism Calculator & 7 Day Miracle Plan to Boost Metabolism

1. Do you start and stop diet plans faster than you say fat burner? Well, no more! Doctor Oz reveals his 7 day miracle plan to increase your metabolism so you bust that bulge. Click on the link below to find out his surefire remedies to help you shed the pounds in just one week!

Dr Oz Metabolic Rate Calculator & 7 Day Miracle Plan Metabolism Boost

Dr Oz: White Bean Extract Metabolism Booster

2. Are you looking for extra ways to help nudge your metabolism in the right direction? Doctor Oz reveals the 3 breakthrough metabolism boosters to help you lose the weight and get in shape. The best part? All of these supplements are under $20.

White Bean Extract Side Effects & Dr Oz Weight Loss Supplement Review

Dr Oz: Cellulite Cream & Anti-Cellulite Underwear

3. Do you have that dimpled appearance on the back of your thighs? Doctor Oz says cellulite is not a fat problem, but a skin issue. Click on the link below to find out the simple solutions to smooth out the cellulite appearance for good.

Dr Oz: Cellulite Underwear, Cellulite Seaweed Mask & Caffeine Cream

Dr Oz: How to Disinfect Lipstick

4. Do you carry a ton of junk in your purse? Dr Oz says there could be hidden germs inside your bag that you don’t even know about. Click on the link below to find out how those unseen germs inside your purse could actually be making you sick. Plus, find out the startling lab results. You don’t want to miss this!

Dr Oz Purse Germs & How to Clean Lipstick to Disinfect Alcaligenes

Dr Oz: Highlighter Jean Test

5. Did you know that the clothes you’re wearing may be putting your health at risk? Find out which garments inside your closet may be making you sick. Click on the link below to find out the one article of clothing that blew Dr Oz’s mind.

Skinny Jean Highlighter Test & Ballet Flats Cause Arthritis

Dr Oz In Case You Missed It: June 22 2012

Here is a complete list of recaps of the Dr Oz Show from June 22 2012:

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