Dr Oz June 4, 2012: In Case You Missed It | 7 Day Crash Diet Plan

By on June 4, 2012

Dr Oz Show: June 4, 2012

Click on the links at the end of each item below to read recaps of the Dr Oz Show from June 4, 2012-The Dr Oz Approved 7-Day Diet! Looking to lose weight while eating more food? You’re in luck! Doctor Oz reveals his 7-day crash diet that will have you looking fabulous in that new bikini. Plus, find out the quick fix solutions for troublesome hair.

Dr Oz 7 Day Crash Diet Plan

Dr Oz revealed a 7 Day Crash Diet Plan on his June 5, 2012 show.

Dr Oz: Skinny Shake Recipe & 7 Day Crash Diet

1. Are you ready to shed those pounds? Get ready for summer because Doctor Oz is joined by Dr. Joel Fuhrman to reveal his 7-day diet plan. Click on the link below to find out which foods you can eat more of and still lose weight.

Dr Oz Crash Diet & Skinny Shake Recipe: Dr Joel Fuhrman’s 1 Week Diet

Dr Oz: Brownie Banana Treat & Italian Chickpea Popcorn Recipes

2. Does the 7-day diet plan actually work? Doctor Oz is joined by 3 women who have used the program to shed the pounds. Find out how one woman lost over 200 lbs. Click on the link below to find out how to reprogram your tastes buds to curb your cravings with yummy weight loss recipes.

Dr Oz: Italian Chickpea Popcorn & Cheesy Pasta Supreme Quinoa Recipes

Dr Oz: Licorice Paste Remedy for Calluses

3. Do you have dry, brittle nails? Are you tired of spending countless amounts of money on products that don’t work? Doctor Oz reveals the amazing quick fixes you have to see to believe. Plus, Dr Oz reveals his all natural fixes to your most annoying body parts.

Dr Oz: Licorice Paste Callus Remedy & Coconut Oil Dandruff Remedy

Dr Oz: Argan Oil & Hair Color Marker

4. Do you have dry, dull frizzy hair that never does what you want it to do? Doctor Oz is joined by Celebrity Stylist, Louis Licari, to give you the quick solutions on how to transform your hair from flat to fabulous.

Dr Oz: Argan Oil for Frizzy Hair & Hair Color Marker for Grey Hair

Dr Oz: Dog Summer Guide

5. You’re in tip-top shape and now you want your dog to get fit too. Doctor Oz is joined by Veterinarian, Jeff Werber, to reveal the secrets on how to get man’s best friend healthy. Click on the link below to find out the easy tips for your dog’s summertime fitness.

Dr Oz: Summer Dog Tips: Dog Sunscreen & Dog Car Harness

Dr Oz In Case You Missed It: June 4 2012

Here is a complete list of recaps of the Dr Oz Show from June 4 2012:

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Comments to Dr Oz June 4, 2012: In Case You Missed It | 7 Day Crash Diet Plan

  1. I am SO interested in the 7 Day Crash Diet Plan for myself and my family. I already do eat
    healthy, but need to loose about 13 more pounds to reach my 100 pound goal and I know this
    will work. With all the fresh veggies and fruits coming from the garden I am very excited!!
    I am going to buy the book. Thank-You. Love the Dr. Oz shows!! Would be SO FUN to be a
    guest on his show. Kathy Middleton Burlington, WI

  2. Thank you for the June 4th show on the 7 Day Diet Plan. I am going to do it with myself and
    my family. My husband is on dialysis and waiting for a kidney and has to eat certain foods and
    this will work. I am 13 pounds away from my 100 pound weight loss, thinking this will get me
    off of my plateau. Love the Dr. OZ Show – sure would be fun to be a guest on his show
    sometime!!!! Thanks again, Kathy Middleton

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