Dr Oz: June 6, 2011: In Case You Missed It

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Dr Oz: June 6, 2011: In Case You Missed It

By on June 7, 2011

Doctor Oz’s “In Case You Missed It” segment and recaps for June 6, 2011 are below. Don’t forget to pass the recaps on to friends and family to spread Dr Oz’s advice! Before I get to what Dr Oz covered today, I also want to remind you to visit our sister site (Opinion Queen) to enter some fabulous free giveaways.

Dr Oz June 6 2011 – In Case You Missed It

Click on the links at the end of each item below to read recaps of the Dr Oz Show from June 6 2011! Dr Oz In Case You Missed It June 6 2011

1.  Take a Hemoglobin A1C Test to find out if your insulin resistant or not.  Click here for more tips to keep your heart healthy: Dr Oz: Your Heart’s 7 Lucky Numbers

2.  Hernias are often misdiagnosed as Pelvic Pain or Fibroids, so make sure to have it checked out if you have Hernia Symptoms like pain while walking up and down stairs.  Click here to learn more about Hernias: Dr Oz Hernia Symptoms.

3.  Get at least 8 mg of Zinc per day, but do not exceed 40 mg of Zinc.  Click here to learn more about the energy pumping mineral Zinc: Dr Oz: Zinc Daily Dose: Dark Chocolate, Liver & Oysters

Here are a few more recaps of the Dr Oz Show from June 6 2011:

Dr Oz: 30 Second Health Challenges

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  1. Joyce Porter says:

    Great show on menustral pain and possible cause. Cannot find to forward to daughter in CA advise. It is the first time I am trying to find topic from June 7, 2013

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