Dr Oz March 14, 2012: In Case You Missed It


Dr Oz Show: March 14, 2012

Click on the links at the end of each item below to read recaps of the Dr Oz Show from March 14, 2012- 5 Controversial Solutions to Your Biggest Complaints. Doctor Oz shows you the newest cutting-edge solutions for pain, weight loss and depression. Find out the surprising solutions to some of your biggest health issues. Plus, find out the warning signs of fibromyalgia. Could you be suffering from this debilitating disease and not even know it?

Dr Oz: Physical Therapy vs Chiropractor for Back Pain

1. Do you have chronic back pain but want to avoid surgery?


  1. Dawn Gibson says

    Dr oz i also have fibromyalgia and lupus i cannot discribe the pain i live in daily mostly in the winter which is why i left NYC and moved down South warmer whether i was told by my dr pain has gotten a litter betterbut i looked at your show yesterday and all the foods you said to avoid for fibormyalgia i was told to eat the one that really got me was the wheat i do every wheat and i have to tell you for the pass 5-6 yrs i have not been sleeping no more that 2-3 hrs a night with no naps induring the day time and thats on sleeping pills fron my dr

  2. Virginia Escalante says

    I was unable to watch todays Show on TV (March 14) but my husband told me there was information about BAY LEAVES NOT BEING SAFE to use. Kindly give me the necessary information. We leave in San Jose, Costa Rica and watch the show every day. Thank you

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