Dr Oz March 2, 2012: In Case You Missed It


Dr Oz Show: March 2, 2012

Click on the links at the end of each item below to read recaps of the Dr Oz Show from March 2, 2012- It’s Easy! Simple Ways To Do The Right Thing To Get Healthy. Think getting healthy is difficult? Doctor Oz explores the simple solutions to combat your biggest health issues, such as fatigue and stress. Plus, find out some effortless ways to boost your energy and get more sleep.

Dr Oz: Black Currant Juice & L-Carnitine

1. Getting healthy has never been so easy!


  1. jan barcus says

    I watched the show this monring at 9 on comcast cable in Mishawaka, IN and wanted more info on the products mentioned at the start of the show about a preoduct good for the skin versus a facelife and then two other products which were covered so quickly on the show I cold not get the names of, speeling of etc. Thought I could go online and type intodays date 3-.2 and get details from the program. The program that comes up is not tht one…how do I aget info on a program shown a certain date? If would be so helpful too if the Dr. would slow his speech donwn as his words get choppy at times and hard to floow. More emphasis on porducs being shown would beso helpful. The referal at end of show to Dr. Oz is an impossible way to get info from the day’s preogram. He give such useful info, just can’t get it fast enough and websites for his show are impossible.t . Thanks

  2. says

    I agree with the comments above. Slow speaking down, take more time with each subject. It is impossible to record information and the website does not make it easy to recap it, send it or print it. Love the information, but too much is crammed into each day. Would appreciate your attention to this request.

  3. says

    I would like the same info mentioned above the date of show was 3/2/12 @11 30 am .Products were to help with wrinkles etc to try before having a face lift.Thank you Carol Ross.

  4. anon says

    Usually the morning show is a repeat of the previous show and the afternoon show is the new show. Today’s morning show in my area was from Original Air Date: Feb 24, 2012

  5. Christine says

    The above comments nail it right on the head!!! I too tried to catch the products mentioned on this mornings show. They came on screen for only a few seconds then were gone never to be seen or heard from again… What gives?? And why can’t anyone find the info online?????????????

  6. says

    i also, hvg problem with finding the body shapes and correct foods for each..think it was something like Kappa shape and problems with excess phelgm and lack of exercise, possibly hv to eat garlic ?

  7. Trish Buehler says

    I also wanted to find the show about eyelash & eyebrow growth. Finally found it today. The product is called Talika Lipocils eyelash conditioning gel. Sold for $10. @ local drugstores. It contains nettle & horse chestnut extract. Hope this info helps & yes, he could slow down a bit!

  8. Ceci Gallagher says

    I to would like the info. On the facelift under $20.00 (and all other topics on that show) the episode on 3/2/2012 . Things go to fast , can’t write down due to seconds it’s of the screen! Is there anyway you can send it to my email , Thank you.

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