Dr Oz March 27, 2012: In Case You Missed It


Dr Oz Show: March 27, 2012

Click on the links at the end of each item below to read recaps of the Dr Oz Show from March 27, 2012-The Best Solutions For Your Pain. Do you have back, neck or shoulder pain? Doctor Oz shows you the best solutions to cure your most common aches and pains. The best part; the solutions are all under ten bucks! Plus, find out the easy solutions to get rid of migraines.

Dr Oz: HVLA & Radio Frequency Ablation

1. Are you plagued with chronic shoulder, neck or back pain?


  1. says

    I have developed chronic fatigue & don’t know what causes it It is making my life very scary and I cannot know what to do. What would cause this and what do I need to know what to do about this.

  2. Joan Wilson says

    A few days ago Dr. Oz discussed a natural remedy for hyperthyroid treatment. I was called to the phone and missed that part of the program. Please provide some information on the remedy discussed.

  3. says

    I went to Dr Oz remedies and found what you and I both wanted to know. Health food store, LTyrosine, 1500 millagrams 2x a day.on a empty stomic, think you still have to wait 4 hours before taking vitamins. if u wnat to watch it, just type in dr oz remedies. hope this helps.

  4. Linda Delay says

    I was on the phone and did not get the capsule name (not sure which day) for sugar spikes =
    ?? Alo?????….Thanks Linda (it was so fast)

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