Dr Oz September 11 2012: Restart Your Body & Prebiotic Foods


Dr Oz September 11 2012

Do you want to restart your body and make a change in your life? Fall is a season of change, and with Dr Oz September 11 2012, audience members got the chance to learn how they can make over some vital organs that tend to become neglected in the bustle of daily life. Check out these segments from Dr Oz September 11 2012.

Dr Oz: Restart Your Body & Reverse Organ Damage

Dr Oz got 200 women in his audience fired up with the chance to restart the vital organs they are most concerned about for their health. What organ would you have chosen? Find out the good news Dr Oz had for his audience, who each got to hold human organs in their hands on today’s episode.

Dr Oz: Where Is The Thyroid? How Does My Thyroid Work?

Dr Oz September 11 2012: Restart Your Body & Prebiotic Foods

Dr Oz September 11 2012 explained how you can recharge your vital organs to help keep your body in great shape as you age.

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