‘NY Med’ Cast Reunion & Confessions: Dr Oz September 20 2012 Recap

By on September 20, 2012

Dr Oz September 20 2012

The Dr Oz September 20 2012 show went behind the scenes of the summer reality hit NY Med to find out what the doctors have been up to since the show. Get the inside story with updates on the captivating cases and curious relationships that resonated with viewers. Here’s Dr Oz September 20 2012, in case you missed it.

NY Med Vs Grey’s Anatomy & Nurses Vs Doctors

'NY Med' Cast Reunion & Confessions: Dr Oz September 20 2012 Recap

Dr Oz September 20 2012 featured a reunion with the stars of NY Med, a hospital reality show that aired over the summer; regrets & updates.

How does the real life docudrama stack up to its fictional counterparts? Dr Oz got the doctors and nurses of NY Med together to weigh in on what made their show so popular and what makes the hospital environment tick.

Is NY Med Dr Sebastian Schubl The Next Bachelor? Is He Single?

Dr Sebastian Schubl has been painted as the real life Dr McDreamy since his role in NY Med. Could he soon be headed to another popular reality show, The Bachelor? Dr Sebastian talked one on one with Dr Oz about his relationship status and what he thinks of all the attention he’s been getting.

Is Dr Arundi Dr Anthony’s Work Wife? Are They Married?

Two transplant surgeons, Dr Arundi & Dr Anthony, were a hit with viewers thanks to their inimitable chemistry. Find out the real story behind their intense friendship, and what their romantic partners think of their status as work spouses.

Nurses Tell All – NY Med Accuracy & Life in the ER

Dr Oz got the real story from the nurses you met on NY Med. Did the show give them a fair shake? What’s it like working in the fast paced environment of the ER? And how does the hectic career turmoil affect these women’s personal lives?

NY Med Updates – Mitral Valve Leak & Inoperable Liver Cancer

Dr Oz met with two patients whose stories really resonated with viewers. Meet the man whose biggest concern after his mitral valve leak operation was his personal life. Plus, Dr Oz talked with a patient who defied the odds and outlived doctors’ expectations for his prognosis.

NY Med Reunion – Bloopers, Fan Mail & Regrets

To conclude this special hour, Dr Oz reunited the entire cast and showed them some footage that didn’t make it into the show. Plus, find out about the strangest fan mail they’ve received and whether anyone regrets being a part of the show.

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