Dr Oz: 11 Week Weight Loss Challenge (Move It and Lose It)


Doctor Oz announced his most ambitious weight loss challenge ever (“Move It and Lose It”), starting on his January 3, 2011 show and lasting for 11 weeks.  Dr Oz said that there is nothing particularly notable in the choice of 11 weeks as the duration of the challenge but he did say that 11 is considered to be a lucky number, his birthday is on the 11th (of June!), it typically takes about 3 months for people to make significant lifestyle changes, and, to go with the theme, he will have 11 experts to guide participants through their weight loss goals.  The experts will provide guidance and motivation, webcasts, exercise videos, behavior modification tips, and answers to health and fitness questions.  The experts have not yet been identified but we know that Deepak Chopra, an alternative health expert, will be featured on the January 6, 2011 show while leading a five-minute mass meditation exercise.  Click here for the full details of the Dr Oz 11 Week Diet Plan!

Dr Oz: Move It and Lose It

If you are unable to watch the kick off show on January 3rd, come back to this site for all the details and program recaps so that you can participate in the challenge.  Dr Oz 11 Week DietThe New Year could be your opportunity to lose weight and keep it off for good!

Dr Oz: 11 Week Weight Loss Challenge Free Giveaways!

Although Doctor Oz will feature challenge participants on his show throughout the 11 weeks, viewers at home will be able to join in through an online, interactive program. Participants in Dr Oz’s 11 Week Weight Loss Challenge will be able to track their own progress and keep a food log, as well as sign up for free giveaways and benefits.  The whole thing is completely free for everyone. Dr. Oz wants his fans everywhere to benefit from the ideas and strategies to be presented as part of this weight loss challenge.


  1. maria m morales says

    I think we will have to wait until tomorrow in order to join since i cannot see it anywhere in the website. GOOD LUCK!!!

  2. sue says

    sign me up! i’m 52, menopausal, quit smoking 12 years ago, raising 2 teenagers with my husband, pretty happy individual but have been packing on lbs. since quitting smoking. come from a family of high blood pressure, diabetis and my dad died at…52. i was just a baby. really would like to be part of this program.

  3. says

    I am finding it hard to get signed up. Not easy to follow the steps..guess we need it made clearer. I filled out the registration 4 times before i was successful,Then after reading the 1st 4 steps,there was no indication of what to do next ????? anyone else have that problemmcause I can’t advance past that.

  4. Cat Rosengren says

    I have already started on my own program and have tried to be accountable on a blog but that is just too complicated so this looks simpler and I am on a roll so let’s do this. 2011 watch out!!! yea!!

  5. Maha Pandarinathan says

    I am over weight,I need to lose lot of tummy weight, I need lot of motivation and encouragement

  6. tanya says

    I am ready to loose my weight,I’m going to be 36 this month! I have 2 teenage girls, and an
    8year old son! I don’t look my age,but I feel much older,I also have asthma,I’m quitting smoking also! I have had a tummy tuck ,it left me horrible.scaring inside and.out! I want.to live and enjoy.life with my husband.and children, I am ready!

  7. says

    I watched Dr Oz Show on January 3, 2011, “11 Week Diet Challenge.” I am so excited to be a part of this challenge. I’m looking forward to feeling and looking better, just for me I am worth it!

    Thank you Dr Oz for your kindness to the people everywhere!
    God Bless!

  8. anna plaag says

    I would like to sign up, but I can’t find where to sign in. This sounds great, and I appreciate all i have learned since watching your show Dr Oz. Thanks Annie

  9. Bee says

    okay, i’m so happy i’m not the only one. I too signed up with two different email adresses in case something wasn’t right, but haven’t received anything for either of them. I watched the show going on two hours ago. I’m ready to start!

  10. says

    sign me up to the program and i saw today on the program ,first 2,000 signed up fotr the program got a pair of running nike shoes ….awesome my size is 9 wou;d love to receive a free pair.address 62 cloudy lane lafayette tn.37083 thank you gloria cole

  11. Eve says

    Im trying to sign up ..where?? DO WE SIGN UP AT .. WANT TO JOIN ..THANK U GREAT SHOW 2DAY ..

  12. cathay french says


  13. Viola Gadson-Brown says

    I have been trying to register since today’s show went off. tried at least 8 times and cannot get past list, which isn’t even complete. Beginning to get frustrated. anted so badly to try this.I feel like giving up until tomorrow, but have a tendency to become anxious and end up having difficulty sleeping.

  14. Meighan de Pass says

    I’ve signed up twice and still no response. I emailed the sharecare contact info and still no response either. I really want to do this but am getting discouraged if its already not working!!

  15. Gail says

    I can’t fined how to sign up and I really need your help. I am 58 and 240 lbs. and only 5’4″. Please I really need to know how to sign up.

  16. Apri says

    Can’t sign up either! Go figure. I thought someone would have said something by now being that everyone is so frustrated not being able to start… no one wants to be left behind.. sniff sniff!

  17. Dianne says

    Glad to know I am not alone!! I was starting to regret signing up and giving all my personal info like phone # and address. Come on people, let us know whats up please.

  18. LJB says

    If we registered today (January 4) how long before we can expect a reply, ie credentials with option to login and begin to complete registration.

  19. says

    How do i sign up and get started? I work for a local hospital and need to loose at least 20 lbs this sounds like a good prograhm and need to get on board with this

    Thanks again

  20. Steph says

    Has ANYONE received the confirmation email? My mother and I were going to try to do this thing together, and after she told me that hours later she still hadn’t gotten the email after signing up I assumed she’d just done something wrong or that they’d had such a strong response that their servers were backed up. I signed up last night before going to bed, thinking that by the time I checked my email today the website’s servers would have had time to catch up and my email would be there.
    No such luck!

    Has ANYONE gotten it, yet?

  21. Bee says

    i got an email late last night saying congratulations. thanks for signing up and they would be sending me another email shortly to get started. but, i haven’t gotten anything. urgh! i’m starting to really get mad, and discourged. i wonder if dr. oz knows about this…

  22. Shanda says

    I have tried 4 times today to get started but still have not received my e-mail with login information. I was begining to think it was just me but I guess not. I am excited for this year. This is our year!! Time to let the skinny B**ch out ladies!!

  23. Bee says


    Thank you for contacting the Support Team. We are glad to help. Once your account is activated by our team, you will receive an e-mail notification with information on how to get started. Please note that this will happen within the next few days, that you will not be able to login until you receive this e-mail, and that attempting to login before you receive this notification will result in an error message stating you have entered an invalid email.

    No further action is required on your part in the meantime. Please check your e-mail regularly for notification that your account is active and more information on how to get started.

    Thank You for your patience,
    The Support Team

    this is the email i got after i contacted them. so, it’ll be a few days.

  24. rebecca says

    Thank you support team.. but it is not really fair for those of us who created an account, waited for the email confirmaiton and tried to do the 3pm Jan 4th login for a chance to win a pair of Nike sneakers for the 1st 2000 people. How could we even win if we couldn’t login to begin with???????

  25. Gwen says

    Thanks Bee for forwarding the email from the support team. As least we know that they are working on the situation and we didn’t do something wrong. Hey, a couple of days isn’t going to make much of a difference. In the meantime, try coming up with a plan, getting exercise stuff all ready and going to the store and stocking up on healthy proteins, produce and fiber! Good luck everyone.

  26. Taryn says

    FYI, the Nike giveaway was a completely separate registration. I signed up for the challenge this morning but still haven’t received an email confirmation; however, I was still able to register for the giveaway later in the day (you needed to click a link to send you to another site) and my registration was confirmed for that…. just waiting to hear if I won.

  27. Christine says

    I signed up on Monday, and am STILL waiting for an email confirmation. They shouldn’t have launched the program until all the kinks were worked out. Make sure you check your Spam folder. My initial email was sent to my Spam.

  28. Kelli says

    Thank goodness it’s not just me. I signed up first thing on Monday and got the email saying they were creating my account, but still nothing. I guess I will just wait patiently.

  29. Cheryl R says

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who hasn’t received the email. It should be noted on the website that it could take several days to receive. It would certainly save a lot of frustration and repeated attempts to register.

  30. Candace L says

    I signed up but have not received a confirmation email. I got a congratulations response but have received nothing else.

  31. Robin says

    Am I missing something? I’ve signed up on 1/4/11 checked my email all day for a confirmation # or something telling me what to do next. so today I used a different email adresses, still nothing any advise would be greatly appreciated…..Thanks

  32. Danielle says

    unable to register. Soo frustrated took the day off work for that show. need to start diet now?? When can we register?

  33. Briana says

    Hey ya’ll. I am in the same boat. I am still waiting on yet another email from sharecare for this program. I got the one that says I will receive another email when my “account has been set up.” I love Dr. Oz, but I gotta admit I’m getting pretty frustrated at the length of time it’s taking to simply set up an account. How hard can it really be? *sigh* I’ve been waiting for it to be “set up” since the day the show aired.

  34. teri laughlin says

    I also signed up. Three times thinking I did something wrong. Still have not received an email. Went out and bought the food. I am ready to go. Wish they would get on with this.

  35. Cheryl R says

    Well some of you are ahead of me. I didn’t even receive a “congratulations” email.

  36. AnnaMarie K says

    Hey everyone, Like Teri, I not only signed up twice yesterday but again today thinking that I did something incorrectly. I also received the \congrats\ just after registering and am still waiting for the email explaining what to do to finish the assessment, like BMI, what the goal weight is, etc. Oh well!, maybe they has such a high response they haven’t gotten to \us\ yet.

  37. says

    Hey everyone, Like Teri, I not only signed up twice yesterday but again today thinking that I did something incorrectly. I also received the “congrats” just after registering and am still waiting for the email explaining what to do to finish the assessment, like BMI, what the goal weight is, etc. Oh well!, maybe they has such a high response they haven’t gotten to “us” yet.

  38. geri says

    Ditto!! I signed up on Day one of announcement of plan (before the show even finished airing), and still am waiting! Also frustrated, ready to get started with this and don’t want to lose the motivation! Hopefully soon!!

  39. Kelly says

    I am also wondering when the account will be set up. I received the congrats on the 3rd with a promise to set up my account and now nothing.

  40. Barbara March says

    I registered twice too thinking I had done something wrong. I’m wondering if there’s an age limit as I’m a senior citizen.

  41. Shanda says

    they finally sent out an email about the system being over loaded, we just need to be patient. I guess they never expected this many people to take advantage of a free AWESOME program!

    Congratulations on beginning your journey to a healthier future!

    If you’ve already received an email with your user name and password, this information will help you get started on the right foot.

    If you have not received an email with your user name and password, no need to worry, starting your personal program is right around the corner. We had an incredible registration response to Dr. Oz’s challenge and are working hard to get your account set up as soon as possible.

    However, we know you are ready to begin your program and want to get you moving right away!

    If your goal is to lose weight, download this assessment guide to test your fitness stamina and determine your resting heart rate. Next, follow the steps in this guide and record your progress over the next 11 weeks.

    If your goal is to get healthy, download this assessment guide to test your fitness stamina and determine your resting heart rate. Next, follow the steps in this guide and record your progress over the next 11 weeks.

    If you haven’t already, you will receive an email over the next day which will confirm your login, password and notification that your account is active.

    Thank you,
    The Sharecare Team

  42. Annie says

    I am patiently waiting for the info too. I started keeping a log of my food intake on the 3rd of January. I hope to lose at least 20 lbs in my first 11 weeks. I am praying that I can stay commited to this special offer from Dr Oz.. Thanks Dr Oz!! 🙂

  43. Bee says

    I receieved a new email today saying they had ALOT of people sign up for this, and are trying they’re best to get everyone straight. they said within the next day i should get an email telling me login information. yay! just be patient, they’re trying their best.

  44. Briana says

    Yep. I just got the next email saying that there were a lot of responses. So, I guess we should all be on our way to good health in 2011 very soon!! Good luck everyone! 🙂

  45. Pam says

    I to signed up twice thinking I did something wrong, feel better after reading the other comments

  46. Beverly Moody says

    I tried to get in to my account and got error message that my email address did not exist. I don’t know whether to try signing up again with the same info. Also, haven’t received any email confirmation and am anxious to get started as well.

  47. Beverly Moody says

    I haven’t received a confirmation email, nor can I get on as a member – anixous to get started. I didn’t get to the place to get my BMI. I did check both goal blocks to “lose weight and for “health”.
    Do I need to change to “lose weight “as that is my main goal. Health will follow.

  48. Jessica says

    Good Morning,

    I am having the same thing going on. If by any chance someone does get thru please post something saying what you did or how you did it so i can try. lol


  49. Christine says

    I registered twice, once with my work email and once with my home email yesterday around noon and still nothing on either email a day later! Getting pretty frustruated. Would like to get started!!

  50. says

    Wow! What a great opportunity for all of us, and WE CAN DO IT! Plus it’s free. we can all use that right now, cuz we’re doing our best to be thrifty. Also, think of the savings at the doctors office.
    Savingsfrom improved health, and lower Dr. bills.
    I am ready to get started today also, but if I need to wait , I’ll wait with a good attitude. They are doing the best they can to help us.

  51. Beth G says

    I echo everyone’s frustration! What is the hold up? Here we all are, ready to begin…and all we get is no response! I also registered 2x, my husband once. I don’t know what the deal could be; they had to anticipate the massive response! Oh well, patience girls (and guys)! In the meantime, we have started our exercise program and food log (on paper). Hang in there!

  52. kijana says

    I am still waiting since Jan 3rd as well. I though i was the only one. IN the mean time I have been logging my food in a journal and starting working out in my basement.
    already had a few cheat spells, so I definately hope the account is set up soon so I can get some support

  53. says


  54. kijana says

    I did get two e-mails with the last one stating I will get my password shortly
    so I am patiently waiting, but so eager to get started
    any here from Canada ?

    to Beverly Moody, yes chnge it to loose weight and u will find your bmi there

  55. Vickie says

    I signed up a work 12 hours ago and kept checking back for my confirmation email and never received it. I signed up again when I got home and still no response. I decided to see if anyone else was having problems and I see I am not alone. Hopefully something will post soon.

  56. Lene says

    Whew – I thought it was just me. I’ve signed up 4x now. I had more luck logging in thru Facebook, got my registration confirmation and even got to do the questionaire, however whenever I try to log back in, it will only let me re-register and says my username is used. I was able to download the shopping list the site recommends, but don’t want to buy these items until I know what the heck I am supposed to do with these items. I was so enthused, but now am beginning to lose interest. This seems to be disorganized and not well thought out. Now I supposed I will get bombarded with emails just when I get turned off. Shame.

  57. Ginger Leigh says

    I still can not get into the site either. I can’t get to any of the tools. I hope we get full credit for our weeks even though we will get started late.
    Come on Dr OZ….. with your overwhelming fan base, you should’ve been prepared for this. You are that inspirational and awesome!

  58. says

    I signed up three days ago and still have heard nothing…was beginning to think I had done something
    incorrectly until I read some of the above messages. I hope to hear something soon…I need the tools and really want to get started

  59. says

    I seem to be having alot of difficulty with this site. I signed up three days ago and still have heard nothing.
    Am anxious to get the tools and information I need to get started.

  60. Jessica says

    after a couple of days of waiting i finally got my login and password…won’t be long till you get your’s too! sit tight and good luck!!!!!!!=D

  61. kijana says

    I am also in now, how wonderful, just trying to get use to the site . \hope to see you guys soon

  62. Jane Kersten says

    I got signed up and have my password but now it won’t let me log in without my \user name\. I checked my email and it didn’t mention a user name and I don’t recall being asked to give one. How do I find out what my user name is ?

  63. Kelly says

    My user name is my email address. I am in but I really am having trouble using the sight. I’ve uploaded a picture several times and it never shows it says the upload was successfull. I haven’t found anything about the graph with the curve that was shown on TV. All I can really do is get to the personal trainers and read the questions to them. I also agreed not to use my real name as they required but my real name was already on my profile and I can’t figure out how to change it.
    Has anyone figured out how to get to all of the things that are offered?

  64. Deb says

    I got an email confirmation, successfully logged on and still can’t find any of the tools, such as the food log and weight loss community. All I get is videos about the show. Does anyone know how to actually get into the 11 week program, not just the information on it or create account info?

  65. Ginger Leigh says

    In the comments here from “Shanda says:
    January 5, 2011 at 8:52 pm (from the Share Care Team)

    ‘If your goal is to lose weight, download this assessment guide to test your fitness stamina and determine your resting heart rate. Next, follow the steps in this guide and record your progress over the next 11 weeks. ‘
    WHERE to find {{{{this assessment guide}}}} ???????

  66. Betty Bosley says

    I am having a challenge finding where I register to be involved with the web assistance to the 11 week weight loss program….

  67. tonia penn says

    Hello eveyone I signed up also and after reading everyones comments I hope its just taking a really long time to get registered, but if not please let me know so that I can re register. thank you

  68. Jessica says

    @CONNIE B.

  69. ABugz says

    Still waiting after signing up the first day it was aired. How could they not have expected a large amount of people to sign up? By the time they get to the rest of us 11 weeks will likely have passed. I’ll just have to do it without you, Dr Oz.

  70. Jamie Hansen says

    Please send Dr Oz: 11 Week Weight Loss Challenge (Move It and Lose It) information to me ASAP. I signed up and waiting for email information. What do i do if its blocked, spam, I don’t think I have spam on my accounts. Could you mail me info instead?
    Thanks for your help,

  71. says

    I signed up for 11 day challenge. I cannnot get past the first questions of calendar Jan. 1976 and time zone. It just sits there doing nothing. I have tried multiple times. I cannot log out to get restarted. How do I fit this?

  72. April says

    I signed up on day one… and have not yet received an email confirmation and password. Im so frustrated. I know they are not 12 days behind….

  73. Mary says

    It’s January 17 and I STILL haven’t gotten anything. What a bunch of crap. How hard is it to use an email company to send the same canned email to everyone. Thanks, it’s 3 weeks into the year and all they did was build their own email database under false pretenses, not to mention getting everyone’s address for the “Nike promotion” that was inaccessible.

    Forget Dr. Phil, I’m going to use Weight Watchers. They have their sh*t together.

  74. Tonya says

    I registered also and never received an email of any type. Sent an email to customer service, but still no response. Whats the deal here?

  75. tara says

    i too signed up several times with no confirmation email recieved went back a couple days later tho and tried to log in and it worked so just a thougtht youmight want to try logging in with your info

  76. cathay french says

    i emailed you on jan 3rd about how to get registered for the 11 week diet and have not heard back please send help on how to sign up time is wasting looking forward to your responce

  77. Carolyn O'Grady says

    Dear Dr . Oz.
    I would like to join the 11 week diet plan but seem to have difficulty finding it on my computer. everytime I hit on the site I get the same thing saying 11 week diet plan , I can’t seem to find the diet is there a special place to find it.
    Thank you
    Carolyn O’Grady

  78. Darla says

    I would like to join the 11 week diet plan, but can’t find where to register/join on your website. I really want to get started tracking what I am eating and can’t wait to get started.

    Thank you,
    Darla Sanderson

  79. says

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