Dr Oz: Should Caffeine Powder Be Banned? Caffeine Overdose Warning


Dr Oz: The Case Against Caffeine Powder

Dr Oz showed his audience a substance he said looks like Cocaine or Heroin. It was actually Caffeine Powder, which Dr Oz said is surprisingly dangerous. Many of us consume Caffeine in some form each day, so what is the risk?

An 18-year-old in Ohio, Logan Stiner, died in May 2014 as a result of a Caffeine Powder overdose. His autopsy determined that Caffeine Toxicity was the cause of death. This is a new problem that is surprising many people.

Dr Oz: Caffeine Powder Regulated?

Anyone can buy Caffeine Powder online or in health food stores, and it is considered a dietary supplement. It is not regulated by the FDA, and Dr Oz said that it could be very unsafe. Is it causing more ER visits?

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