Dr Oz: Can You Change Your Sexual Orientation? Ex-Gay Therapy Agenda


Dr Oz: Does Reparative Therapy Work?

Dr Oz explored the topic of ex-gay therapy, or reparative therapy, with supporters and opponents of the controversial treatment to turn gay people straight. Next, he turned to experts who debate whether it should be allowed or not. Can you change your sexual orientation?

Dr Oz: National Association For Research and Therapy of Homosexuals

Dr Oz: Can You Change Your Sexual Orientation? Ex-Gay Therapy Agenda

Can you change your sexual orientation? Dr Oz had experts join the discussion to share their points of view on whether ex-gay therapy is safe or effective.


  1. Gene says

    Ex Gay Therapy Kills, it is quack science that uses priest and psychotherapist who are sometimes both and they torture LGBT people to try to get them to change. Stop these quacks from torturing and causing the deaths of children before they kill another person. California got it right when they banned Ex Gay Therapy and now all of America needs to ban this barbaric practice that kills people in the name of religion and psychiatry.

  2. Lucas says

    I’ll tell you where the hoax lies. Dr Oz! I’ve never seen such irresponsible hosting of a debate. Did anyone notice how he stacked the panel with people with HIS agenda?? He barely gave the X-gays a voice. Isn’t this country supposed to be based on pursuit of happiness and choice? If they want to put age restrictions on this kind of therapy then fine but no one has the right to tell someone who is X-gay that they should never have had that choice to begin with.

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