Dr Oz: Chris Doyle Reparative Therapy Results & California Therapy Ban


Dr Oz: Reparative Therapy Ban

Have you heard of Reparative Therapy? It’s the process that some people claim can turn gay people straight. Dr Oz admitted that his show topic was controversial. But it is certainly a relevant topic, because the state of California banned reparative therapy for minors in September 2012.

With estimates that 10% of the population is gay, it’s a subject that touches many lives and has been making headlines at election time. Can you change from gay to straight? Some men talked about wishing they could find a cure for being gay or a pill to make them straight.

Dr Oz: Homosexuality Mental Illness?

Dr Oz: Chris Doyle Reparative Therapy Results & California Therapy Ban

Dr Oz talked with Chris Doyle, an advocate for reparative therapy, about treatment to turn gay people straight and the idea of a cure for homosexuality.



    The issue of causes and Tx of homosexuality took a destructive hit when the Amer. Psychiatric Assn. declared that it was untreatable back in the 70s (not sure of the date) It was the APA’s way out of a treatment problem. While I am retired and no longer in practice I would like to offer my insights over the years in a few words. What we become and what we are is a function of learning. Homosexuality is clearly a result. Parenting is the basis of all learning with our childern. it is here we start. As we develop through life our peers become a significant influence in our behaviors that we exude show and believe in Much has been written about learning theory and this information can readily be found. What comes to mind was a book written by Dr Marsha Linahan ( in the 1980s) about “dialectric behavior therapy. The work reflect the problems associated with abuse childern and young female adults. I suggest that a reading of this volume

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