Dr. Oz: Cosmo’s Fun Fearless Males (FFM) Award in 2010

Doctor Oz was announced by Cosmo as one of their Fun Fearless Males in 2010.  In addition to Doctor Oz were people like Gerard Butler, Kellan Lutz, Chris O’Donnell, Ne-Yo, Robert Pattinson, Nathan Fillion, Stephen Moyer, Terrell Owens, Josh Schwarts, Paul Wesley and Ed Westwick.

This is what Cosmopolitan magazine had to say about Dr. Oz: “Mehmet Oz might be the most recognizable MD in the country. Hell, Oprah trusts his advice. And not only does he appear as her regular guest, but he also has his own new hit talk show. On The Dr. Oz Show, he answers any and all medical questions viewers have. Given that he has an Ivy League education and a charming smile and is a pro when it comes to the human body, we hereby diagnose him as being too perfect.”  I think I can speak on behalf of Dr. Oz’s fans when I say that Dr. Oz really is the perfect person!

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