Dr Oz: Enlist Duo Review, White House Petition & Are GMOs Safe?


Dr Oz: New GMO Doctors Are Warning Against

Doctor Oz said that the Environmental Protection Agency is close to approving a new pesticide you have probably never heard of. Genetically Modified Organisms in food will continue to be a hot topic in the 21st century. Should you worry about GMOs?

GMO crops, such as corn and soybeans, are engineered to withstand pesticides such as Glyphosate (found in Round Up). Those chemicals kill weeds but keep crops healthy. Eventually, weeds will evolve and cannot be killed.


  1. Helena says

    Pesticides and GMO’s are endangering the health our American families. If Europe cares enough to ban GMO’s why doesn’t the USA care as much about our health?

  2. Relton says

    I have been following this issue for quite a while. Genetic Engineered Altering genes against fungus is one matter, but to alter genes by splice implant poison that evidently increase risk of immune affected disorders in the entire Animal Kingdom including Humans, is incomprehensible with the people I meet. I have not met ONE person who supports this atrocity without the entire public’s awareness. Where is our protection for Health and Safety from the FDA? The CDC? Our Government? How are these seeds and pollen prevented from drifting to regions and small properties that are not wanted? Where and how can this be controlled? Where is the Federal action to mandate high profile labeling on packaged and uncrated open stand presentation?
    We presently have the issue of terrorism that act upon acute measures of destruction to life. There are also convicted criminals that planned or acted upon poisoning society and their actions are reprehended by lawful action to also protect society.
    I ask our government representatives to answer : Why support harmful and/or unknown long term evolution negative affects against animal and human life by profiting businesses in science roulette? These foods contain nutrients, by- products, poisons that kill insects and affect livestock and ingested into the human system to be absorbed into organs, cells and passed into fetuses. Something as serious as this, I wonder where the independent research studies after 20 years were done that were far removed from any influence by the developing laboratories?
    Maybe the intentions are honorable, but so are the mothers who consume alcohol, wrongly prescribed medications or with negative side affects or opiates. What is the difference? On another note, the manufactures of any chemical that is detrimental to animal/human life towards death or debilitation, should be accountable. I still have no idea what companies were accountable for damages by the production and distribution of DDT.

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