Dr Oz: Exposure To Pesticide Dangers + Health Risks


Dr Oz: Health Risks Of Pesticides

Pesticide poisoning is real and terrifying, and Dr Oz was introduced to Liz, who was at work in her office in Atlanta, when she was “innocently exposed” to pesticides. At that moment, her health and life was forever changed. Liz and her husband Todd joined the show, and Liz explained that she was at work 16-years-ago when an exterminator came in and sprayed pesticides around her desk. Within two minutes of him leaving she began having trouble breathing, and her mouth, nose, eyes, and lungs began burning. She started wheezing and symptoms progressed until her eyes and nose began watering and she broke out into a rash. Her co-worker took her outside thinking it would get better but it didn’t, so she was rushed to the hospital.

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