Dr Oz: Gigantism & Acromegaly Make Tanya Angus a Lady Over 7 Feet Tall


Dr Oz: Tanya Angus Gigantism

Dr Oz shared the shocking story of a woman named Tanya Angus who has gigantism. Just over a decade ago, she was a typical college student, standing 5’8” and weighing 130 pounds. Now, she is about 7’ tall and still growing.

Dr Oz: Tanya Angus Gigantism Patient & Acromegaly Pituitary Gland

Dr Oz met Tanya Angus, gigantism patient, who discussed the dramatic changes to her body; how the Pituitary gland affects Acromegaly.



  1. Mary Kaiser says

    I would love to answer your question that you posted here. I have sent many e-mails in the past and have not heard back from you yet. Please feel free to call me anytime on the phone and I would love to share my thoughts. Thanks for having Tanya on your show.

  2. Mark Winchester Sr. says

    If Tonya reads this – You are not alone. I can relate in a very small way knowing how it feels to suffer from a medical condition which is untreatable (I have DVT’s). You have my deepest sympathy & respect. Remember you are not alone.

    Mark Winchester Sr.

  3. vikki heald says

    I am so very glad to see our disease being shared with the world. I was diagnosed in 06. Thank you tanya for being our advocate <3

  4. Deanna Badiuk says

    Today I watched your episode on Acromegaly. I sat and cried, as I to have the same condition.The words that Tanya spoke are so true and hit home for me. Since being diagnosed and treated, and knowing there is no cure, or even an explanation for how this condition occurs. I wanted to meet Tanya, as I wanted to hug her and let her know she isn’t alone. I was shocked to read that she passed away, I cried again, I wanted to let her know that I had started a support group for Acromegaly. In Vancouver, B.C. with a Research doctor, a endocrinologist doctor, and a research nurse. To let the world know about our unknown condition, and to find a explanation of what causes this condition, and to find a cure. Seeing Tanya on your show and learning of her passing, has made my mission even stronger. RIP Tanya.

  5. says

    Thanks for sharing your story. Tanya’s appearance on Dr Oz was very brave, and it’s amazing that you have formed a support group. Best of luck to you…hopefully there will be a medical breakthrough soon.

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