Dr Oz: Joan Rivers Death Investigation & Sedation Vs Anesthesia


Dr Oz: Joan Rivers Death Investigation

Legendary comedian Joan Rivers stopped breathing during a procedure in August 2014. Dr Oz shared an update about the investigation into her death, with some help from CNN’s Susan Candiotti.

Dr Oz: Joan Rivers Yorkville Endoscopy

CNN’s report found that an unauthorized biopsy on Rivers’ vocal cords began while she was sedated for another procedure. An ethicist told CNN that this is a red flag. A source inside the clinic reported that Rivers was undergoing an endoscopy by Dr Lawrence Cohen.


  1. yikes1 says

    I watched Dr. Oz today and was and still am confused about Dr. Koufman’s statement that procedure can be done while awake. Which procedure was she referring to? A biopsy of vocal chords?
    I have had an upper endoscopy, but under sedation. Is she also stating that an endoscopy exploring the stomach, esophagus, upper small intestine can be done while patient is awake?
    Does an endoscopy normally examine the vocal chords?

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