Dr Oz: Pray The Gay Away? Ex-Gay Therapy Failure & Suicide Risks


Dr Oz: Reparative Therapy Controversy

Dr Oz is talking about Reparative Therapy, which claims it can help gay people turn straight through therapeutic exercises. Chris and Rick told their stories about overcoming unwanted same sex attraction, but this doesn’t work for everyone. Can you pray the gay away?

Peter and Gabriel also tried reparative therapy, but their stories ended differently. Gabriel, age 29, said he felt different growing up and knew he was attracted to others. When he mom found out, he tried reparative therapy at age 14 because it seemed like the easier path.

Dr Oz: Ex-Gay Therapy Suicide?

Dr Oz: Pray The Gay Away? Ex-Gay Therapy Failure & Suicide Risks

Dr Oz met two men who said that Ex-Gay Therapy has failed and put them at risk for suicide. Can you pray the gay away? See why they say it’s dangerous.


  1. Tony Mion says

    This may sound harsh but, homosexuality is strongly condemned in both the old and new testaments of the bible, along with it’s consequences. There is a GOD and he calls these kinds of acts “abominations” among other acts of perversion. I understand the strong impulses that people have but, if everybody acted upon every temptation that enters their minds, we’d have a world of chaos. People are not born this way and do not have to act upon every strong desire that enters their hearts. Please refer to the first chapter of the Book of Romans in the new testament for it’s causes and effects. UNGODLINESS?

  2. Michael O says

    Let him have his opinion, but he isn’t God. And unless the person is having gay sex and they are not really gay, there is no reason to try to change anybody. If the person truly is gay, and there are millions, then there is deep harm that is done, including spiritual harm. And for God’s sake, don’t idolize anybody on TV.

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