Dr Oz: Princess Diana Internal Bleeding & Survivable Injuries?


Dr Oz: How Princess Diana Died

The death of Princess Diana is one of the most intriguing of our time. Dr Oz and his team pored over every account and medical record they could obtain to put together an explanation of the science behind her tragic death.

On August 31, 1997, she was killed in a car crash in Paris, France. The people’s princess was gone, and people mourned around the world. She was seen in surveillance video leaving a venue before getting into a car. Then, in a bid to avoid paparazzi, she was whizzed on a high speed chase at 65 miles per hour, colliding into a pillar in a tunnel.

Dr Oz: Medical Examiner Dr Bill Manion

The driver of the car and passenger Dodi Fayed died instantly. By the next morning, news had made its way to the US that Princess Diana had passed away. Her body was quickly flown from Paris to the UK. If those are the facts, what is the mystery?


  1. Margaret L Briggs says

    I loved Princess Diana. After her death I bought every newspaper and magazine I could find regarding her death. There was a small article in one newspaper that stated the Queens Royal Guard was seen at the accident. The Queens Royal Guard is never far from the Queen. What were they doing there. The Queen knew princess Diana was pregnant. Any child Princess Diana had would have been half brother or sister to the royals (William and his brother.) The Queen did not want this to happen. Has anyone ever thought about this.

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