Dr Oz: Princess Diana Internal Bleeding & Survivable Injuries?

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Dr Oz: Princess Diana Internal Bleeding & Survivable Injuries?

By on April 10, 2014

Dr Oz: How Princess Diana Died

The death of Princess Diana is one of the most intriguing of our time. Dr Oz and his team pored over every account and medical record they could obtain to put together an explanation of the science behind her tragic death.

On August 31, 1997, she was killed in a car crash in Paris, France. The people’s princess was gone, and people mourned around the world. She was seen in surveillance video leaving a venue before getting into a car. Then, in a bid to avoid paparazzi, she was whizzed on a high speed chase at 65 miles per hour, colliding into a pillar in a tunnel.

Dr Oz: Medical Examiner Dr Bill Manion

The driver of the car and passenger Dodi Fayed died instantly. By the next morning, news had made its way to the US that Princess Diana had passed away. Her body was quickly flown from Paris to the UK. If those are the facts, what is the mystery?

Dr Oz said that he trained in Paris and knows the doctors who treated her there. He has always wondered what really killed her. Medical examiner Dr Bill Manion, a forensic pathologist, joined Dr Oz to help explore this story.

Dr Oz: Princess Diana Car Accident Injuries

Dr Oz: Princess Diana Internal Bleeding & Survivable Injuries?

Dr Oz looked into the accident, injury, and death of Princess Diana to determine whether she could have survived and what ultimately caused her 1997 death. (Neftali / Shutterstock.com)

Emergency workers who responded to the scene were surprised that Diana was moving around and crying out. Her forehead and neck were cut, and she had a dislocated arm. She was believed to be lucky to have survived the impact.

The crash would have jostled her organs internally, even if she did not have much external injury. Deceleration injuries, as they are called, could cause broken ribs, contusions, and damaged blood vessels. Spleen or liver issues may cause internal bleeding.

Dr Oz: Princess Diana Internal Bleeding

Dr Oz believed that she was thrown into the seat in front of her. His suspicion is that her heart and lungs took the brunt of the damage, rupturing a vein that would go undetected until it was too late. Blood could have leaked into the body and filled up her chest cavity, eventually killing her.

He and Dr Manion used a mannequin to suggest what may have occurred, based on research into the elements of the accident. Your breastbone is supposed to be very strong, but the organs behind it may not be as durable.

Dr Oz: Princess Diana Blood Clot

A vein between the heart and the lungs may have been severed. It’s possible that a scab or blood clot formed to heal that problem for a short time, which would explain why she was awake when emergency personnel arrived.

Dr Manion said she would have appeared stable at that time. Dr Oz said that the tear in her heart was about the size of two thumbnails, which is quite large for such a vital organ. Dr Manion said that if the cut were in the arterial system, she would have died almost instantly.

Dr Oz: French Medical Care

Transferring Princess Diana from one location to another could have jostled that clot loose, causing another bleed and preventing the heart from pumping on its own. This would have put pressure on the heart and filled the chest cavity.

Two hours after the accident, Diana arrived at the hospital. Why did it take so long? Dr Manion said that is a different approach than we take in the US. In France, examination and initial care take place on site, instead of rushing a patient to the hospital.

Dr Oz: Princess Diana Survivable Injuries?

When doctors cut into her chest to find the source of internal bleeding, they incorrectly concluded that it was on the opposite side. By the time they found out where it was coming from, Dr Oz said it was probably already too late.

Dr Manion has does his own examination into her case, and he said that this were a survivable injury, which she would have survived if it had occurred in the US instead of in France. Dr Oz said that he would have a hard time second-guessing the treatment, but would agree that it was too late for her by the time she arrived at the hospital.

Dr Oz: Princess Diana Not Wearing a Seatbelt

The Golden Hour in American medicine is that the 60 minutes following an injury is the critical period that will give patients the best chance of survival and recovery. Don’t hesitate to seek emergency medical attention when you may need it.

Diana, who was riding in the back seat, was not wearing a seatbelt in the car. Dr Manion said that wearing a seatbelt could also have contributed to her chances for survival. He said he has seen many accidents where the one passenger not wearing a seatbelt does not survive.

Dr Oz agreed that you are not very safe in the backseat. He said that 75% of deaths that happen to back seat passengers in car crashes could be prevented by seatbelts.

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  1. Margaret L Briggs says:

    I loved Princess Diana. After her death I bought every newspaper and magazine I could find regarding her death. There was a small article in one newspaper that stated the Queens Royal Guard was seen at the accident. The Queens Royal Guard is never far from the Queen. What were they doing there. The Queen knew princess Diana was pregnant. Any child Princess Diana had would have been half brother or sister to the royals (William and his brother.) The Queen did not want this to happen. Has anyone ever thought about this.

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