Dr Oz: Tanya Angus Gigantism Vs Obesity & Mom Sleepwalking Viral Video

By on October 2, 2012

Dr Oz: 7 Foot Tall Woman

Dr Oz met Tanya Angus, the gigantism patient who stands 7 feet tall. He explained how Acromegaly has changed the woman’s life, making it difficult for her to complete simple tasks. We even got a peek behind the scenes at Tanya’s home life. Do you know the differences between gigantism vs obesity?

It’s not surprising that Tanya said she never imagined her life turning out the way it has. No one could predict this type of future for themselves. She has to be assisted getting in and out of bed and rely on a motorized chair to get around.

Dr Oz: Tanya Angus Daily Life

Dr Oz: Tanya Angus Gigantism Vs Obesity & Mom Sleepwalking Viral Video

7 foot tall Tanya Angus described Gigantism vs Obesity & her daily life struggles with acromegaly; a viral video of a mother sleepwalking.

She is in pain because of the weight and pressure all over her body. Her hips, knees and back give her trouble, and she hates to see her own reflection. “This disease has made me ugly,” Tanya said.

Tanya’s mother said that her daughter is always going to be beautiful to her, and came to tears when talking about how ugly her daughter feels. “She has absolutely no control over what’s happened to her body,” her mom said.

Dr Oz: Gigantism Vs Obesity

Dr Oz also had a video of Tanya’s pedicure appointment, where she got stares from other customers. She said that people in public assume she is fat and lazy, and don’t understand the medical problems she is coping with.

“My body is being stretched to its limits,” Tanya said. She does attempt to exercise using a walker, for example. Back in the studio, she said that the video package reflected the hard truth of her daily life.

Dr Oz: Acromegaly Life Expectancy

She misses when she looked like the person she remembers. She had fun pretending to be a model with her college friends. These days, she said the fun is mostly missing from her life. She has outlived doctors’ death date predictions about a dozen times. She no longer believes what they tell her.

Dr Oz said that it’s very important for patients not to give up on themselves, regardless of what doctors might tell you. Dr Oz called Tanya courageous and graceful for making peace with such a difficult diagnosis.

He praised the hope that she has for facing her daily life and learning to live with a difficult condition. Do you think you could cope with what Tanya has to deal with each day?

Dr Oz: Mom Sleepwalking Viral Video

At the end of the show, Dr Oz talked about the unwitting star of a viral video. A woman’s son Nick recorded her sleepwalking to show her what she is up to when she’s asleep.

The mom can be seen dancing around her kitchen and explaining a “special code.” I would not be thrilled to be famous for this. Dr Oz met a woman in his audience whose husband is a frequent sleepwalker.

She said that he has a very active sleepwalking, fighting bugs or getting up to other crazy antics. She suspected her husband would laugh at a video of himself.

Dr Oz: Mom Reacts To Sleepwalking Video

But the fun wasn’t over for Nick’s mom. Nick showed her the video and recorded her reaction, which also became a viral sensation. He showed her the video and she was at least able to laugh at herself.

Dr Oz said he’s been in touch with Nick and his mom, who has forgiven her son and hasn’t yet had another sleepwalking episode. Have you ever sleepwalked? I know that Ambien has made people do some crazy things, but I’ve never done it myself.

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  1. dear dr oz i hav gigaintisim/acromagly i am 32 years old was diagnoised when i was 22 years old and i have had everything done to me just saying i am very skinny and dont have that problem thats just plan lazyness i think how can one get something like this and posible hurt constantly i was burned when i was 9years old but has anybody offerd me help or invite me to a show no i have never been asked nor offeredd too

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