Dr Oz: Tanya Angus Gigantism Vs Obesity & Mom Sleepwalking Viral Video


Dr Oz: 7 Foot Tall Woman

Dr Oz met Tanya Angus, the gigantism patient who stands 7 feet tall. He explained how Acromegaly has changed the woman’s life, making it difficult for her to complete simple tasks. We even got a peek behind the scenes at Tanya’s home life. Do you know the differences between gigantism vs obesity?

It’s not surprising that Tanya said she never imagined her life turning out the way it has. No one could predict this type of future for themselves. She has to be assisted getting in and out of bed and rely on a motorized chair to get around.

Dr Oz: Tanya Angus Daily Life

Dr Oz: Tanya Angus Gigantism Vs Obesity & Mom Sleepwalking Viral Video

7 foot tall Tanya Angus described Gigantism vs Obesity & her daily life struggles with acromegaly; a viral video of a mother sleepwalking.



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    dear dr oz i hav gigaintisim/acromagly i am 32 years old was diagnoised when i was 22 years old and i have had everything done to me just saying i am very skinny and dont have that problem thats just plan lazyness i think how can one get something like this and posible hurt constantly i was burned when i was 9years old but has anybody offerd me help or invite me to a show no i have never been asked nor offeredd too

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